Best answer: Where is the warmest place in New Zealand winter?

The town with highest year-round average maximum temperature is Whangarei (19.7C), followed closely by northern neighbour Kaitaia (19.6), Napier (19.5) and Gisborne (19.4). The annual average is these places is boosted by relatively warm winter temperatures.

What part of New Zealand is the warmest?

Summer. Daily maximum temperatures are normally in the mid to low 20s (°C) over most of the country. They are higher in northern, eastern and interior part of the country; Hastings is the warmest city on average with 25.5 °C followed by Gisborne with 24.9 °C and Napier with 24.5 °C.

Where should I go in winter NZ?

10 great New Zealand winter getaway spots

  • St Bathans, Central Otago.
  • Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel, Waikato.
  • Carrington Resort, Northland.
  • The TranzAlpine, South Island.
  • The Bayview Chateau Tongariro, Mt Ruapehu.
  • Matakana, north of Auckland.
  • Rotorua, Bay of Plenty.
  • Port Waikato, Waikato.

Which area of New Zealand has the best climate?

Kaitaia and Whangarei top the list with an annual average of almost 16C. Auckland is also up there, with an average of just over 15C.

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Is New Zealand warm in winter?

New Zealand’s climate varies wildly. The far north has subtropical weather during summer, while inland alpine areas of the South Island can be as cold as -10°C (14°F) in winter. However, most of the country lies close to the coast, which means mild temperatures year-round.

Where is the sunniest place in New Zealand?

Based on the very latest weather statistics, Whakatane in the North Island’s Bay of Plenty district, is the sunniest place in New Zealand, averaging a whopping 7.4 hours of sunshine a day in 2020. The town also records higher temperatures than anywhere else in New Zealand.

What is the driest place in New Zealand?

Wairarapa is the driest place in New Zealand, with some parts bordering on drought conditions. Worst impacted is coastal Wairarapa, and it may be dire straits for the farming community over summer, Castlepoint Station manager Jacques Reinhardt said.

Does it snow in North Island NZ?

Snow rarely falls in the coastal areas of the North Island and west of the South Island, although the east and south of the South Island may experience some snow in winter. Frosts can occur anywhere in New Zealand and usually form on cold nights with clear skies and little wind.

How cold are winters in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a largely temperate climate. While the far north has subtropical weather during summer, and inland alpine areas of the South Island can be as cold as – 10°C in winter, most of the country lies close to the coast, which means mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and abundant sunshine.

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Is New Zealand good in winter?

Enjoying its close proximity to the coast, New Zealand in winter season is quite pleasant. The country experiences mild winters whereas the alpine region witnesses snowfall as well.

What is the warmest beach in New Zealand?

Awaroa Beach, Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson

Added bonus: With more than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, Nelson is the sunniest place in New Zealand, meaning you can enjoy Awaroa’s warm waters all year round.

What is the snowiest town in New Zealand?

The snowiest ski resorts in New Zealand. Coronet Peak is the destination with the most snow guaranteed during the season.

Where is the coldest place in New Zealand?

Ophir, in the south of New Zealand, is a tiny town which held the record for the country’s lowest temperature. On July 3rd, 1995, a low of -21.6C broke the previous record, also held by Ophir (since then the records have been revised – see update below).

Is New Zealand colder than Australia?

Australia is warmer than New Zealand, with a summer average of 30°C and winter average of 15°C. New Zealand, is a touch cooler, with a summer average around 20 to 25 degrees and a winter average around 12°.

Is the North or South Island of New Zealand better?

New Zealand’s South Island is larger than the North Island and generally considered more beautiful. It also has gorgeous coastline, but it is best known for the many mountains and fjords that define its inland. … Temperatures are cooler on the South Island, with mountain regions obviously being the coolest.

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