Can you own a frog in Norway?

Are frogs legal in Norway?

The Animal Welfare Act and international treaties

The Act of Animal Welfare is the most central document, and covers living mammals, birds, fish, frogs, toads, salamanders and shellfish. … Due to a bilateral treaty between Norway and the European Community, most of the EC animal law is binding also for Norway.

What exotic pets are legal in Norway?

This applies to all reptiles, both with and without CITES permits.

Travelling to Norway with exotic animals.

English name Latin name CITES permit
Carpet python Morelia spilota CITES permit required
Garden tree boa Corallus hortulanus CITES permit required
Boa constrictor Boa constrictor CITES permit required
Rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria CITES permit required

Is it legal to own a fox in Norway?

Are foxes legal ➝ YES (only non-native “exotic” species that are not endangered, native species such as the red, arctic and grey fox are illegal).

Are ferrets legal in Norway?

Non-vaccinated puppies, kittens and ferrets are not permitted to enter Norway from any country or EU Member State. Rabies vaccinations must not be administered prior to 12 weeks of age and only after a microchip is implanted.

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Can Mountain Lion be found in Norway?

Mountain lions do not live in Norway as they’re found exclusively in the Americas. Norway does have some large predators, such as brown bears, lynxes, and wolverines.

Which five animals are native to Norway?

Our guide to some of Norway’s amazing wildlife including the Arctic Fox, Wolf and Polar Bear

  • Arctic Fox. Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/ …
  • Musk Ox. Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/ Artic Light AS/ …
  • Polar Bear. …
  • Puffin. …
  • Reindeer. …
  • White-tailed Sea Eagle. …
  • Wolf.

Do Norwegians like dogs?

In Norway, this bond between humans and dogs is as strong as anywhere else in the world. You’ll often see a Norwegian with a dog, whether is a boisterous Norwegian Elkhound in one western Norway’s scenic fjord-side towns or a pampered chihuahua on the streets of Oslo. Norway loves dogs.

Why is neutering illegal in Norway?

In some countries, spaying and neutering are considered to be inhumane and is even illegal. … Under Norway’s Animal Welfare Act, it is illegal to neuter your dog in Norway unless it was deemed medically necessary or for animal welfare reasons.

Why are there no stray dogs in Norway?

Many countries in Europe have so called stray dogs,Hungary is one of them. Norway does not have a problem with stray dogs due to a well function society, strict animal welfare law and generally high standard of living, so the term “stray dog” is not in use in Norway.

Can I fly my dog to Norway?

All animals must have ID-marking and an EU-approved pet passport. All dogs travelling into Norway must be treated for fox dwarf tapeworm (anti-echinococcus [worm] treatment). … Alternatively, the dog must be treated at least twice with an interval of 1-28 days before the first entry to Norway.

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Does Norway have musk ox?

Dovrefjell National Park is the only place in Norway, and one of few places in the world, where you can experience the majestic muskox. Join us in a safari through the Dovrefjell National Park with guides who know where to find the muskox.

Can I bring my pets to Norway?

When moving to Norway from abroad, you may bring your pet with you without paying any customs duty or VAT, provided that you have lived abroad for at least one year, and that you have owned the pet.

Are pitbulls illegal in Norway?

It is against the law to own certain breeds of dogs which are considered dangerous in Norway. … There are currently six banned dog breeds. These are: The Pit Bull Terrier.