How did the Danes respond to the geats arrival in Denmark?

How did the Danes respond to the Geats arrival in Denmark? They felt insulted, because they wanted to handle Grendel on their own. They were glad to have help and set up a partnership for taking on Grendel. They allowed Beowulf and his men to take over their place at Herot.

How do the Danes first respond to the geats arrival?

What was the response of the Danes? … When the Geats first arrive in Denmark, they find a Danish watcher who was patrolling the cliffs. He inquires why they have arrived on the shores on Denmark in armor and with weapons so openly and Beowulf responded by declaring his intentions of slaying Grendel.

How do the Danes react to the battle?

As you can imagine, the Danes are thrilled. Crowds gather to view the battle scene and look at Grendel’s bloody path. Hrothgar offers Beowulf any reward he wants. The Danes hold a huge celebration feast where they give Beowulf many valuable gifts.

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How is Beowulf greeted when he arrives in Denmark?

How is Beowulf first greeted when he arrives in Denmark? Beowulf is greeted by the coastguard of Danes, he can tell they came for a noble purpose.

What happens to the geats in the years following Beowulf’s return from the land of the Danes?

What happens to the Geats in the years following Beowulf’s return from the land of the Danes? Beowulf is richly rewarded by Hygelac with valuable land and a sword that had belonged to Beowulf’s grandfather—Hygelac’s father. Eventually, Hygelac is killed in battle, and Beowulf becomes king of the Geats.

What is Hrothgar’s response?

how does he respond? he asks them of their kin and their names. he tells hrothgar that beowulf and his men have traveled across the sea to have speech at will. hrothgar responds by saying he knows ecgtheow and beowulf as a boy.

How do the geats regard their dead king?

How do the Geats regard their dead king in part seventeen? The described his as worthy of all of their praises. They call him noble, heroic, and say that he cared about his people. They were ashamed that they left him when he needed them the most.

What do the Geats do during the battle?

Beowulf’s men are shown in the first two thirds of the story as the best and boldest of men. They went to a foreign land to try to save Denmark from the monster, Grendel. During the battle in Heorot, the Danes cowered and hid while the Geats leapt up and tried to help Beowulf slay the monster.

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What caused Hrothgar’s speech?

What causes Hrothgar to make this speech, reminding Beowulf of the time he helped Beowulf’s father? Hrothgar had once been in a position to restore peace to his troubled land. Beowulf is now honoring his father’s debt to Hrothgar. The Danes have suffered and are in need of rescue.

What does Hrothgar’s speech indicate about his character?

King Hrothgar foreshadows Beowulf`s death. Beowulf and Hrothgar share many qualities, but Hrothgar’s speech in the Hall of Heorot warns him of his excessive pride, called hubris, which Hrothgar recognizes as Beowulf`s fatal flaw.

How does Beowulf arrive in Hrothgar’s land?

King Hrothgar responds by recalling how he met Beowulf’s father, Ecgtheow. Ecgtheow had killed someone from another tribe and had to flee, so he came to Hrothgar’s land. Hrothgar settled the feud by paying money to the family of the man who had been killed, and Ecgtheow swore his allegiance to Hrothgar.

What are the Danes doing when Grendel arrives at the Mead Hall?

As Grendel approached Heorot he was in a very angry and aggressive mood who seemed to be craving murder and chaos. Once he arrives at the mead hall and sees all of the Geatish warriors sleeping, he attacks one of Beowulf’s thanes and kills him by tearing him apart and eating his flesh.

How do the Danes watcher greet Beowulf and his men?

The watchman is suspicious of Beowulf and his men and questions them thoroughly and demands to know their business there. How is Beowulf able to convince the watchman that they are trustworthy? … Beowulf greets Hrothgar by regailing him with stories of his great strength and prior exploits.

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What happened to the geats?

The Geats were Beowulf’s clan – a seafaring tribe residing in the south of Sweden. As the poem suggests, the Geats appear to have been conquered and disappeared into history.

How does Beowulf and the geats deliver Grendel’s head to the Danes?

Beowulf wields Hrunting, the sword lent to him by Unferth, and lashes at Grendel’s mother’s head, but even the celebrated blade of Hrunting is unable to pierce the monster’s skin.

How does Hrothgar’s Sentry react once Beowulf gets off of his ship?

Describe Hrothgar’s reaction to Beowulf’s arrival. Hrothgar is happy and thankful for Beowulf’s arrival.