How do I change my GP in Denmark?

If you want to change to a new GP, contact the local authority or fill in the appropriate form on or your local authority’s website.

How do I change my general doctor?

6 Steps for Switching Physicians

  1. Consult with friends, family, and other medical professionals. …
  2. Don’t rely ONLY on internet ratings. …
  3. Check the doctor’s affiliations. …
  4. Give a heads-up so they expect a records request/ask to transfer records. …
  5. Give feedback. …
  6. Make a “get acquainted” appointment.

Can you choose your doctor in Denmark?

In Denmark you access the public health system through your general practitioner (GP). You are required to choose a GP located within a 15 kilometers radius of your registered address. Furthermore, the GP you choose must be able to take on new patients. …

How do I get a doctors appointment in Denmark?

Response: You need to call your doctor between the hours of 0800 and 0900 to make an appointment. If you can not get through at that time, try calling during the day to talk to the receptionist, but you won’t be able to talk to a doctor at that time.

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How do I book a doctors appointment in Copenhagen?

You can get more information about the Danish healthcare system, view your medical records and book an appointment with your GP at You need to log in with your NemID to access personalised services.

How long does it take to switch GP?

How long will my records take to move? Practitioner Services aims to transfer paper records between GP practices within six weeks of registration.

How do I get a new doctor when I move?

How to Change Doctors: 5 Helpful Tips for a Smooth Move

  1. Schedule One Last Visit With Your Current Provider. …
  2. Look for Your New Provider Before Leaving the Current One. …
  3. Get Your Medical Records. …
  4. Have Your First Visit with Your New Provider. …
  5. Take Time After Your First Appointment to Reflect.

How are doctors paid in Denmark?

The largest share of physicians in Denmark had a monthly income of 39,000 to 42,999 Danish kroner. As of February 2021, 3.7 percent of physicians in Denmark had a monthly salary of 90,000 kroner or more, while 3.7 percent of Danish physicians earned between 26,000 and 27,999 Danish kroner per month.

Is hospital free in Denmark?

The Danish healthcare system is universal and based on the principles of free and equal access to healthcare for all citizens. The healthcare system offers high-quality services, the majority of which are financed by general taxes. Life expectancy in Denmark has increased from 77.9 years in 2005 to 80.6 years in 2015.

How can I email my doctor?

More doctors’ offices are allowing patients to communicate by email, but follow these basic rules:

  1. Learn your doctor’s email policies. …
  2. Don’t assume complete privacy. …
  3. Never use email for urgent questions. …
  4. Keep it simple. …
  5. Don’t expect an instant answer. …
  6. Don’t abuse the privilege.
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How long does it take to get a doctors appointment in Denmark?

Even with these measures, waiting times to see a specialist are around 60 days. But in some cases, it can be more, with close to 20% of patients waiting for more than three months.

What is GP in Denmark?

In Denmark, all citizens have free access to a general practitioner (GP) who acts as the gateway to all healthcare services. The GP is the patient’s primary contact point to the healthcare system, and 90 % of all medical cases are handled by the GP.

Is gynecologist free in Denmark?

How to make an appointment with your doctor in Denmark? All the appointments with your GP are free of cost.

How do I get a prescription in Denmark?

When you need a script, be it new or a refill, your first stop should be your own doctor. You can either call them during their consultation hour, which is usually between 8AM and 9AM weekdays. Tell them which medicine you need and the pharmacy you want to use.

How do I find a doctor?

To obtain this information, contact the Medical Board of California at (800) 633-2322 or visit, and follow these steps: Click on “License Search” on the home page. Choose license type: Click the checkbox for “Physician and Surgeon” and then “Search by Name.”

How do you call an ambulance in Denmark?

Call the emergency telephone number 112 if you need urgent medical assistance with acute, life threatening illness or with injury. You should call 112: when you need an ambulance.

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