Is Dania the same as Scandinavian designs?

We are a home furnishings destination rooted in our love for modern design and quality craftsmanship. … Our product is made to complement the art of living well–because Scandinavian design is a way of living, not just a design style. Dania Furniture and Scandinavian Designs – Two great Nordic brands, one great company.

Who owns Scandinavian designs?

Paula Hage – owner – Scandinavian Designs | LinkedIn.

Who makes Scandinavian design furniture?

BoConcept. BoConcept has been designing, developing and producing furniture in Denmark since the 1950s, and has now expanded into over 65 countries around the world.

Where are Scandinavian designs furniture made?

Production. Our sofas are produced in our production facility in Vietnam, where more than 600 skilled employees are responsible for all the stages of production – from designing, planning, and production to product labeling and shipping.

Where are Scandinavian designs?

Scandinavian design is a prominent design movement that has influenced everything from architecture and interior design to product design. The movement emerged in the early 20th century in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. During the 1950s, it became known around the world.

How many stores does Scandinavian designs have?

A family business 50+ years in the making with over 30+ furniture showrooms, we are a contemporary home furnishings destination rooted in our love for Nordic culture, modern design and quality craftsmanship.

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Who is the CEO of Scandinavian designs?

Scandinavian Design (store)

Type Private
Industry Trade
Founded 1955
Headquarters New York, NY
Key people Hans Lindblom Founder, CEO