Question: Why is alcohol so expensive in New Zealand?

“As a rule, beer in New Zealand is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the world to start with because of the excise tax on it. That’s complicated because it gets charged at the brewery, so everyone who adds their profit margin cost down the line is adding to the excise tax.

Is alcohol cheap in New Zealand?

“Our analysis suggests alcohol is now probably the cheapest recreational drug in New Zealand and has become increasingly affordable, at the same time as concern about the binge-drinking culture has grown,” said Associate Professor Nick Wilson.

Does New Zealand have an alcohol problem?

The overall prevalence of, and inequities in, hazardous drinking in the total population has remained unchanged over many years. In 2020/21, almost one in every five (or 19.9%) New Zealanders had a hazardous drinking pattern. This equates to 824,000 NZ adults aged 15+ years.

How much does alcohol cost NZ?

In 2020, alcohol contributed $1.193 billion of government revenue in the form of excise tax. In contrast, alcohol misuse is estimated to cost New Zealand society $7.85 billion each year. This includes costs resulting from lost productivity, unemployment, as well as justice, health, ACC, welfare costs, etc.

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What is the most popular alcoholic drink in New Zealand?

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in New Zealand, accounting for 63% of available alcohol for sale.

What is the national drink of New Zealand?

“We hope the Dancing Kiwi can become New Zealand’s signature cocktail and be on the menu of bars across the country,” Chen added.

Is eating out expensive in New Zealand?

The prices of food in restaurants in New Zealand will vary significantly, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $NZ12 to $NZ20 for a breakfast in a restaurant and around $NZ30-$NZ50 per person for dinner.

How many people in NZ are alcoholics?

The new estimate of 400,000 “alcoholics” in New Zealand – around 10 per cent of our 4.4 million population – was tallied up by Professor Doug Sellman from the National Addiction Centre at the University of Otago.

What is legal drinking age in New Zealand?

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

If you are 18 years or older you can enter any licensed premises and buy and drink alcohol, as long as you can provide acceptable proof of age identification such as a driver licence, Hospitality New Zealand (HANZ) 18+ card or passport.

Does NZ have a binge drinking culture?

Most of New Zealanders enjoy alcohol in moderation, but it´s a common knowledge that New Zealand tend to binge drinking. This alcohol over-consumption resulted in negative health and social consequences. … Between 600 and 800 people in New Zealand have been estimated to die each year from alcohol-related causes.

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