What does okane mean in Swedish?

What is Okand Swedish?

okänd Noun. okänd, (okänd personobekant) stranger, the ~ Noun. ‐ anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found.

What does Boda Borg mean in Swedish?

Boda Borg is a Swedish activity that is very hard to describe but I will try my best. A Boda Borg involves many different quests that you can do. Normally, you go with a group of about 3-5 and you pick a quest you want to do, either very physical, very mental, or both!

What does girl mean in Swedish?

Swedish word of the day is ‘tjej’, meaning ‘girl’.

What does amne mean in Swedish?

ämne Noun. ämne, -ett (angelägenhetfrågasakutgangresultat) issue, the ~ Noun. case, the ~ Noun. question, the ~ Noun.

Is Boda Borg good for kids?

Hey, Boda Borg is for everyone…as long as you are good people and respectful of other Guests and Boda Borg staff and facility. Yes, there are age limitations. … Kids age 9 to 11 may Quest without an adult accompanying them in the Quests, but a responsible adult must be inside the Boda Borg location during their visit.

How many people should go on a quest?

You need 3 – 5 people in your team to Quest. We never mix you with people that are not in your group.

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How many rooms does Boda Borg have?

Each of our Quests is two to four rooms, each with a challenge for your team. If you conquer the first challenge your team advances to the next, but if you fail at any point you have to exit the Quest and either try again or move on to a new Quest.

How do you spell boy in Swedish?


  1. pojke, -en Noun.
  2. grabb, -en Noun.
  3. gosse, -en Noun.

How do you say Swedish boy in Swedish?

boy → grabb, kille, pojke. boy → pojke, grabb, gosse.

Cross Translation:

From To Via
• boy → pojke; grabb ↔ Bursche — junger Mann; Junge
• boy → gosse; pojke ↔ Junge — männliches Kind