Where is the quote Something is rotten in the state of Denmark in Hamlet?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. This line is spoken by Marcellus in Act I, scene iv (67), as he and Horatio debate whether or not to follow Hamlet and the ghost into the dark night.

Where did the saying something is rotten in Denmark?

This phrase is taken from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The speaker is Marcellus, a guard, who talks to his philosophical comrade, Horatio, saying, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark …“ (Act-I, Scene-IV). The reason of saying this is just not that Denmark is facing dirt.

Why is Denmark rotten in Hamlet?

However, the line heralds two basic things about the text. The word “state,” points to the body politic: the play has a strong political element, and the word “rotten” indicates a corroding, decaying, unhealthy condition. Political corruption is a major theme in the play.

What did Marcellus mean when he said something is rotten in the state of Denmark?

Schneer, Ph. D. In Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet, Act I, Scene 4, the officer Marcellus spies the ghost of Denmark’s late King and utters, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” The phrase is meant to convey that something is really wrong.

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What does Hamlet learn from the ghost’s speech?

What does Hamlet learn from the Ghost’s speech? That he must kill Claudius.

Who is Bernardo Hamlet?

Marcellus, Bernardo (or Barnardo) and Francisco are sentries at Elsinore. Francisco gives up his watch to Bernardo in the opening of the play, and it is Bernardo and Marcellus, who first alert Horatio to the appearance of King Hamlet’s Ghost. Marcellus goes with Horatio to tell Hamlet about the Ghost’s appearance.

What does Hamlet make Horatio and Marcellus swear?

Intensely moved, Hamlet swears to remember and obey the ghost. Horatio and Marcellus arrive upon the scene and frantically ask Hamlet what has happened. Shaken and extremely agitated, he refuses to tell them, and he insists that they swear upon his sword not to reveal what they have seen.

What literary device is something is rotten in the state of Denmark?

In fact, when the ghost appears, Marcellus, one of the guards, is right in saying that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” 11. Foreshadowing: When Marcellus sees the ghost, he talks to Horatio and says that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

What does the ghost warn Hamlet about his mother why?

What does the Ghost warn Hamlet about his mother? Why? The Ghost warns Hamlet not to do anything to his mother, but to “leave her to Heaven.” He suggests that for Hamlet to worry about his mother’s role in the murder or to try to avenge it will drive him mad. …

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Does Hamlet say the F word?

The actor is said to have shouted ‘f***’ when a trap door became stuck halfway through the play. He was also heard venting off-stage after he was forced to restart his opening lines – the famous ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy – when a curtain started to come down during the speech on Saturday.

Who Killed Hamlet?

The ghost tells him that it was his brother Claudius, the new king, who killed him and commands Hamlet to get revenge.

How did Hamlet’s father allegedly died?

In Hamlet, Claudius murders King Hamlet by pouring poison into his ear while he slept.