Who flies out of Bergen Norway?

Where can you fly from Bergen?

Flights from Bergen: 56 destinations

  • AAL Aalborg Denmark. 95.13. 80.74. 80.74.
  • AES Ålesund Norway. 96.91. 87.23. 89.28.
  • FAO Algarve-Faro Portugal. 113.99. 80.16. 135.54.
  • ALC Alicante Spain. 46.16. 46.16. …
  • ALF Alta Norway. 149.34. 118.07. …
  • AMS Amsterdam Netherlands. 79.03. 71.94. …
  • ANX Andenes Norway. 240.84. 133.49.
  • AYT Antalya Turkey. 196.24. 95.58.

What airlines fly out of Norway?

Scheduled Airlines

Norwegian Air Norway DH NAN
Norwegian Air Shuttle DY NAX
Scandinavian Airlines SK SAS
Widerøe WF WIF

What cities fly direct to Bergen Norway?

Domestic flights to Bergen

From Haugesund, Kristiansand, Kristiansund, Leknes, Molde and Orsta / Volda, all direct flights to Bergen are operated by Widerøe. From Oslo, direct flights are offered by Norwegian, SAS (Star Alliance) and Syphax Airlines. From Oslo (Torp) and Sogndal, you can fly with Widerøe.

Can you fly direct from UK to Bergen?

Airlines flying direct from the UK to Bergen include: Norwegian Air Shuttle, which flies from London and Manchester to Bergen plus from Edinburgh. Wizz Air UK, which has flights from London and null as well as null to Bergen. Wideroe, with flights from Aberdeen to Bergen and Liverpool and also from London.

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Does Bergen have an international airport?

Bergen Airport, Flesland (Norwegian: Bergen lufthavn, Flesland; IATA: BGO, ICAO: ENBR), alternatively Bergen Flesland Airport or simply Flesland Airport, is an international airport located at Flesland in the city and municipality of Bergen, Vestland, Norway. … Flesland is operated by the state-owned Avinor.

Which airports fly to Bergen from UK?

There you have Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham. 9. Re: Direct flights between UK and Bergen?

Can I visit Norway without quarantine?

You do not need to quarantine. You have to take a test on arrival or within 24 hours after arrival at entry points without test stations. Tests are usually free, and test stations are available at the most important points of entry.

Why did Norwegians leave Norway?

One of the most consequential reasons why Norwegians chose to leave was overpopulation. Between 1800 to 1850, the Norwegian population increased by 59%, and in the fifty years following that it increased at the same rapid rate. [1] The Norway’s urban population did not substantially increase by comparison.

What is the best airline to fly to Norway?

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Founded in 1946, this is the greatest carrier of Norway, Denmark and Sweden with hubs in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. It operates over 150 plains and flies to more than 120 destinations all over the world. SAS is a member of the airline Star Alliance.

Does British Airways fly to Bergen Norway?

Norwegian, LoganAir, SAS, Wideroe, Finnair, British Airways and Air France all fly direct to Bergen. … The cheapest month to fly to Bergen is usually January 2022.

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Is Norway a European country?

Norway is a long country located in Northern Europe – with borders to Sweden, Finland and Russia on the east side, and an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side. Here the climate is wet and mild compared to the east and the north, where winters are colder and longer.

Are there ferries from UK to Norway?

There are currently no car ferries from the UK to Norway; the nearest you’ll get is Esbjerg in Denmark, about 900km (around 10hr) by road from Oslo, with DFDS Seaways (wdfdsseaways.co.uk) from Harwich.

How do I get from Bergen to Tromso?

Bus, train

  1. Take the bus from Bergen busstasjon to Moa trafikkterminal.
  2. Take the bus from Moa trafikkterminal to Trondheim S.
  3. Take the train from Stjørdal to Fauske.
  4. Take the bus from Fauske stasjon to Narvik bussterminal.
  5. Take the bus from Narvik bussterminal to Tromsø Prostneset.

Which airlines fly to Bergerac from UK?

Bergerac flights from the UK

UK airport Airline Months flying
London City British Airways From May 2022
London Stansted Ryanair All year round
Birmingham Jet2 Seasonal
Bristol Ryanair Seasonal