Does Denmark have a good soccer team?

As of April 2020, the Danish national fotball team, controlled by the Danish Football Association (Dansk Boldspil-Union), made the 16th position in the FIFA World Ranking. The highest position ever reached by the team was six in the years 1993 and 1996.

Has Denmark won a World Cup?

They also won the 1995 King Fahd Cup, defeating Argentina in the final. Their best World Cup result was achieved in 1998, where they narrowly lost 3–2 in a quarter-final against Brazil. Denmark also made the second round in 1986, 2002 and 2018.

Denmark national football team.

FIFA ranking
Best result Champions (1995)
show Medal record

Is Denmark football good?

The Danish flag football team, is one of the best Flag football teams in the world, having won a record 6 consecutive EFAF European Flag Football Championship and 2 bronze medals.

Where is Denmark football ranked?

Top 20 rankings as of 23 December 2021

Rank Team Points
7 Spain 1704.75
8 Portugal 1660.25
9 Denmark 1654.54
10 Netherlands 1653.73

What country has the worst soccer team?

San Marino’s national team is sometimes considered the worst national side in the history of the sport, as they have only ever won a single match and conceded an average of 4.2 goals per game, although as a member of UEFA they face stronger competition than many other low-ranked sides.

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What is Denmark famous for?

Denmark is known for being Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace, for the Little Mermaid statue, and for being the Happiest Nation worldwide. However, there are much more to know about this small Scandinavian country that most foreigners haven’t found out yet.

How tall is Danish football team?

Denmark Squad

26 5′ 7″ 139 lbs
27 6′ 2″ 183 lbs
23 6′ 0″ 170 lbs
23 6′ 3″ 183 lbs

Does Denmark fear England?

Denmark don’t fear England and their home advantage after “facing death” says manager. Denmark boss Kasper Hjulmand insists his players do not fear England – because they have already come face to face with death. … We almost lost our best player, our best friend, the heart of the team and fought with emotions like crazy …

How good are the Denmark team?

No club can claim to have shaped the current iteration of the Danish national team quite so much as Nordsjaelland, and no executive to have exerted quite so much influence. Laursen pursued Kasper Hjulmand for three years before hiring him; Hjulmand is now the national team’s coach.

Will Eriksen play again?

Christian Eriksen has decided to play again after surviving a cardiac arrest episode six months ago at Euro 2021, but it will not be in Italy. Eriksen’s Italian club team, Inter Milan, terminated the 29-year-old’s contract by mutual consent on Dec.

What is Denmark’s FIFA rating?

Player Roles

Position OVR POT
1 GK 8585
17 RWB 7575
6 RCB 8085
4 CB 8282
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Who is the No 1 footballer in the world?

1. Lionel Messi. Who else? Lionel Messi is the best player of his generation.

Who is the lowest ranked FIFA team?

The 10 worst national teams in the world according to the FIFA world rankings

  • 204: San Marino.
  • 205: The British Virgin Islands.
  • 206: Anguilla.
  • 207: The Bahamas.
  • 208: Eritrea.
  • 209: Gibraltar.
  • 210: Somalia.
  • 211: Tonga.

What country is the best in soccer?

The Ten Greatest Soccer Nations

  • Brazil. Current FIFA Ranking: 2. …
  • Germany. Current FIFA Ranking: 1. …
  • Italy. Current FIFA Ranking: 20. …
  • France. Current FIFA Ranking: 7. …
  • Argentina. Current FIFA Ranking: 5. …
  • Spain. Current FIFA Ranking: 8. …
  • England. Current FIFA Ranking: 13. …
  • Uruguay. Current FIFA Ranking: 17.

What is the baddest country in the world?

Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Rank Country Peace Index
1 Afghanistan 3.574
2 Syria 3.566
3 South Sudan 3.526
4 Yemen 3.412

Who is San Marino’s best player?

Massimo Bonini

Personal information
Date of birth 13 October 1959
Place of birth San Marino, San Marino
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Position(s) Defensive midfielder