Frequent question: How long can an Irish citizen stay in Norway?

EU/EEA citizens do not need a visa to visit Norway, and can stay for up to three months. If you wish to stay longer, you must register with the police.

How can I stay in Norway for more than 90 days?

If you need to stay in Schengen for more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit. Your visa cannot be extended beyond 90 days. When you have a Schengen visa, you can travel freely around the Schengen countries for as long as your visa is valid.

Can an Irish citizen live in Norway?

Irish nationals do not need to apply for a work and/or residence permit before moving to Norway, but certain requirements have to be fulfilled. The Norwegian Directorare of Immigration has details on whether or not you need a visa to visit or move to Norway. …

How can I move to Norway from Ireland?

The exact circumstances for how to move to Norway from a non EU/EEA country will depend on your country of citizenship (find more information here), but essentially you will need to apply for a residence permit that will fall under one of these categories: family immigration, work immigration, study, au pair, and …

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Can I live in Norway with an Irish passport?

During your stay you should carry a photocopy of your passport at all times. Irish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Norway but should note that all EU citizens living in Norway for more than 3 months must register themselves with the Norwegian Immigration authorities.

Can EU citizens stay in Norway?

EU/EEA citizens do not need a visa to visit Norway, and can stay for up to three months. If you wish to stay longer, you must register with the police.

Can I live in Norway as an EU citizen?

If you are an EU / EEA national you have the right to live, work and study in Norway. Depending on where you are from, family members of an EU / EEA national can either apply for a residence card or use the registration scheme.

How many Irish live in Norway?

According to Statistics Norway, there are 621 Irish citizens in Norway.

Can Irish citizens live in Europe?

At the moment, Irish citizens, as EU nationals, have the right to live, work, study, retire and travel throughout France without having to register with the French authorities. You can stay in another EU country for up to three months without having to register.

Is an Irish passport EEA?

An Irish Passport Card is intended for travel and identification purposes and functions similarly to an EEA national identity card. Both Irish passports and Irish passport cards allow Irish citizens to travel, live, and work without restriction in any country within the EEA, Switzerland and the Common Travel Area.

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How can I live in Norway permanently?

People who have lived in Norway for at least five years using the EU/EEA registration scheme can apply for a permanent right of residence. This entitles you to stay and work in Norway indefinitely, and your family members may also be eligble.

Can I retire in Norway?

Unlike some European countries, Norway does not have a retirement permit or retirement visa available. Therefore, to live in Norway without a work permit, a person must have a permanent residence and enough money to sustain themselves. … Applicants must also learn Norwegian and pass the relevant tests.

Can I move to Norway without a job?

European citizens are able to register as self-employed in order to move to Norway. However, non-EU citizens, including Americans, need to apply for a work permit and the requirements are strict.

How do I get from Dublin to Norway?

The best way to get from Dublin to Norway without a car is to car ferry and train and bus which takes 2 days 13h and costs €360 – €550. How long does it take to get from Dublin to Norway? It takes approximately 4h 49m to get from Dublin to Norway, including transfers.

Is Ireland close to Norway?

The distance between Norway and Ireland is 1338 km.

Can I visit Norway without quarantine?

You do not need to quarantine. You have to take a test on arrival or within 24 hours after arrival at entry points without test stations. Tests are usually free, and test stations are available at the most important points of entry.

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