How do you get from Aarhus to Denmark?

Is Aarhus Denmark worth visiting?

Aarhus has a vibrant arts and culture scene, offering many world-class museums that specialise in a range of subjects. … While ARoS houses some spectacular works of art, it’s well worth visiting the museum for this piece alone, and snapping both the perfect view of Aarhus as well as the perfect rainbow-drenched selfie.

Is Aarhus close to Copenhagen?

Aarhus isn’t quite close enough to Copenhagen for a day trip, but the city is worth visiting for at least a weekend, if not longer. You could take a flight and be there in under an hour, but then you’d miss out on all of the scenic Danish countryside along the route.

What is Aarhus Denmark known for?

Aarhus is the lively cultural hub of Jutland, the part of Denmark that juts up from Germany — a land of windswept sandy beaches, inviting lakes, and fortified old towns. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia.

What is the main transportation in Denmark?

Even though the main form of transportation into Denmark is by air, visitors can also expediently reach Danish soil by rail or highway. Several trains run from Hamburg, Germany, to Copenhagen daily, and the German autobahn, Route 7/E45 (Germany/Denmark), connects with Jutland.

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Is Aarhus a nice city?

A bustling, cosmopolitan city with something to offer everyone, Denmark’s second largest city is a fantastic place to live for both locals and expatriates alike. Aarhus offers an exceptionally high standard of living and is very safe. In this guide, we introduce you to local education, culture and more.

What language is spoken in Denmark?

Aarhus, the country’s second-largest city, is located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, about 115 miles northwest of the capital, Copenhagen.

Is Aarhus University good?

Top 100 university – Aarhus University is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top universities. It was ranked number 65 in the 2018 Shanghai ranking. … Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) is accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS for the school’s core business activities.

Is there a direct train from Copenhagen to Stockholm?

Is there a direct train from Copenhagen to Stockholm? Yes, SJ trains provide direct rail connection between these outstanding Scandinavian destinations, so that the whole trip will take you around 5 hours.

Is Danish hard to learn?

Danish. Danish isn’t hard to learn, but as with most Scandinavian languages, the biggest hurdle with studying Danish is in being able to practice. … It is generally spoken more quickly and more softly than other Scandinavian languages. Danish is also flatter and more monotonous than English.

How do I get to Aarhus?

There is an airport shuttle bus from Aarhus airport with frequent departures (every 20 minutes after each flight arrival with departures from just outside the main entrance). The fare is about DKK 100 and it takes about 50 minutes to reach downtown Aarhus. The bus stops at the Aarhus University campus (at Nobelparken).

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What is there to do in Aarhus in the winter?

Enjoy A Winter City Break In Aarhus

  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum. ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. Christer Malfoy. …
  • Moesgaard Museum. Kaløvig Bådehavn. Moesgaard Museum. Lars J. …
  • Restaurant Langhoff & Juul. See selected restaurants here. Photo: Raisfoto, Langhoff & Juul. Comwell Hotel Aarhus.

Is there Uber in Denmark?

Taxi Safety

Note that ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft do not operate in Denmark. If you would like to use an app to request a taxi or car, we recommend you use the ones suggested above.

Do you need to quarantine in Denmark?

If you enter Denmark from an EU and / or Schengen country or COVID-19 risk country, there is no requirement for isolation after entry. If you are entering from a COVID-19 high-risk country, you must self-isolate after entry, unless you are fully vaccinated* or previously infected.

How do you get around in Denmark?

The best way to get around Denmark is by private car on the excellent road network. In lieu of that, nearly all major towns, and certainly most Danish cities, are serviced by trains, except certain offshore islands, which can be reached only by ferryboat.