How do you say Paul in Norwegian?

What is Paul in Norwegian?

Etymology. From Old Swedish Paval, Paell, cognate with Norwegian Pål, Danish Povl and English Paul, from Latin Paulus.

What is Paul in Swedish?

Swedish: Paul, Pål.

What does Snuppa mean in Norwegian?

sweetheart {noun} (term of endearment)

What is Paul in Gaelic?

Answer. Paul in Irish is Pól.

How do you spell Paul in Hebrew?

His original Hebrew name was Saul. Many of the epistles in the New Testament were authored by him. Due to the renown of Saint Paul the name became common among early Christians.

What is Paul in Greek?

According to the Book of Acts, he was a Roman citizen. As such, he also bore the Latin name of “Paul” (essentially a Latin approximation of Saul) – in biblical Greek: Παῦλος (Paulos), and in Latin: Paulus.

What is the meaning of ANOO?

a combining form of anus or anal: anorectal.

What is Annos?

: in the year of the world —used in reckoning dates from the supposed period of the creation of the world, especially as fixed by James Ussher at 4004 b.c. or by the Jews at 3761 b.c. —abbreviation AM.

What is the meaning of Domini?

noun Latin. God; the Lord.

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