How do you say Swedish boy?

How do you say boy in Swedish?

pojke; grabb; gosse.

What is little boy in Swedish?

little boy Noun

little boy, the ~ (ladlittle chap) kille, -en Noun. gosse, -en Noun. liten pojke, Noun.

What is good boy in Swedish?

Duktig pojke. Yeah, good boy.

How do you say bad boy in Swedish?

bad boy {noun}

rötägg {n} [coll.]

How do you say Girl in Swedish?

ung kvinna; ung dam; flicka; tjej. flickebarn; gräbba.

Cross Translation:

From To Via
• girl → flicka ↔ fille — Jeune humain de sexe féminin

What is Swedish for little girl?

little girl → tjej, jänta, tös, flickebarn, flicka.

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