How expensive is it to eat out in Sweden?

An evening meal in a mid-range restaurant will cost you 150–250kr without alcohol. A three-course meal naturally costs more; expect to pay something in the region of 400–600kr, and add around 75kr for a strong beer, or 300kr for an average bottle of wine.

Is eating out in Sweden expensive?

Limit how often you eat out – Eating out in Sweden is very expensive, especially at sit-down restaurants. If you want to eat out without spending a lot of money, stick to the outside food vendors you see on the street. You can find a decent variety (I found a Thai one once), and they’re only about 65 SEK per meal.

How much is it to eat out in Sweden?

Re: Food Costs in Sweden. 40 to 45 USD per person will give you a good dinner, especially if you skip the wine. To save money consider to eat out during lunch time (typically 11am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday).

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Is food cheap in Sweden?

Food. If you stick to cooking for yourself and buying the bulk of your food at supermarkets, eating in Sweden is surprisingly cheap. … Generous wages for restaurant staff and sky-high taxes on alcohol mean that eating out in Sweden is considerably more expensive.

Is it expensive to eat out in Stockholm?

Restaurant prices in Stockholm

Prices start at around 150–200 SEK for a main course at a restaurant in Stockholm, but the sky is really the limit – at swanky New Nordic places you could be looking at 1000 SEK for a set meal (and that’s excluding drinks).

Is it cheaper to live in Sweden than USA?

If a city has a an index of 120, it means Numbeo estimates it is 20% more expensive than New York (excluding rent).


STAT Sweden United States
Consumer price index > Plus rent 69.77 Ranked 23th. 20% more than United States 57.93 Ranked 32nd.

Is Sweden cheaper than us?

United States is 53.0% more expensive than Sweden.

Is Sweden more expensive than Canada?

Canada is 37.8% more expensive than Sweden.

Is Sweden expensive for a holiday?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Sweden is $1,153 for a solo traveler, $1,780 for a couple, and $2,326 for a family of 4. Sweden hotels range from $50 to $224 per night with an average of $88, while most vacation rentals will cost $150 to $500 per night for the entire home.

Is there a minimum wage in Sweden?

Just like some other highly developed European nations, Sweden does not have an official minimum salary. Minimum salaries are generally negotiated through workers’ unions. As a reference, the salary for a McDondald’s cashier is hovering around 101 to 125 Swedish Krona, or roughly 15 USD per hour.

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Why is Sweden so expensive?

What makes Sweden so expensive? Well, partly it’s down to the country’s strict labour laws, which make it relatively expensive for companies to employ people. And partly it’s because of Sweden’s notoriously high taxes, which help to keep the welfare state well oiled. It isn’t all bad news for foreign visitors, though.

Is Sweden more expensive than UK?

United Kingdom is 77.6% more expensive than Sweden.

What is a good salary in Sweden?

A family of four, living in the city center of Stockholm, Sweden’s most expensive city, can comfortably live on a salary of about 23,000 SEK (2,400 USD) per month. For a single expat in the same city, a good salary would be 12,800 SEK (1,300 USD) monthly.

How much does a Big Mac cost in Sweden?

The complete Big Mac Index ranking 2020

Ranking Countries Bic Mac price (CA$)
1 Switzerland 9.19
2 Lebanon 7.91
3 Sweden 7.66
4 United States 7.59

How much is a Mcdonald’s meal in Sweden?

Europe: Prices by City of McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) (Restaurants)

Rank City McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)
39 Malmo, Sweden 9.84
40 Gothenburg, Sweden 9.75
41 Cork, Ireland 9.62
42 Galway, Ireland 9.59

Is Stockholm more expensive than London?

London is 2.1 times more expensive than Stockholm.