Question: Does it rain in Denmark in December?

The weather in Denmark in December is very cold with Temperatures between 35°F and 41°F. With more than 22 rainy days, Denmark is an incredibly wet during December. Be sure to pack your umbrella and bring along your rubber boots to stay dry. … You can expect a few days of snow in Denmark during December.

What is the weather in Denmark in December?

December Weather in Copenhagen Denmark. Daily high temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 42°F to 38°F, rarely falling below 28°F or exceeding 49°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 35°F to 31°F, rarely falling below 18°F or exceeding 43°F.

Is December a good time to visit Denmark?

Denmark: Best Time to Visit

Denmark has the least extreme climate of all of the Scandinavian countries. The best time to visit Denmark is during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Does it always rain in Denmark?

Rain in Denmark comes on a regular basis year-round, and there are no truly dry periods, although September through November brings the wettest season. The annual rainfall in Denmark averages 24 inches of precipitation with Copenhagen having an average of 170 rainy days.

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Is rain in December normal?

The average weather in California in December

The temperatures in California in December are quite cold with temperatures between 46°F and 55°F. You can expect rain for roughly half of the month of December in California.

Does it snow in Denmark at Christmas?

You can’t rely on a white Christmas in Denmark, with snow usually not arriving until January or February. But it does happen occasionally, and the Danes are ever hopeful, with TV weather forecasts featuring a ‘White Christmas indicator’ in December.

Is there snow in Denmark in December?

The Copenhagen weather in December is very cold and with snow showers, so wrap up warm for your winter break to Denmark. December to February’s when most snow falls around Copenhagen, with between 20mm to 50mm of wintery showers expected.

What is Copenhagen like in December?

Colorful homes along the water on a December morning in Copenhagen. The Danish capital becomes a sparkling wonderland, complete with festive markets, roasted almonds, mulled wine, and more. … And it gets dark around 3 p.m. But bundling up and wandering around the lit streets and markets is part of the fun.

How is Copenhagen in December?

Winter in Copenhagen usually lasts for about four months from November to February, with December and January being the coldest months. … Copenhagen does slow down and get quieter in those months, but the Danes are not hibernating – they’re just busy with heartwarming winter activities.

What is the best month to go to Denmark?

The best time to visit Denmark is in June, July and August, when daylight hours are long and temperatures sit comfortably between 59°F and 68°F — ideal for hiking in the green landscape. This is a popular time to get outdoors for visitors and locals alike, and the coast can get busy.

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How cold is Denmark in the winter?

Winter is cold, with an average temperature of January and February just above freezing (that is, zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit). The days are very short (in December, the sun sets at 3:00 in the afternoon), and temperature fluctuations between day and night are little.

How many months is Denmark’s winter?

Winter (December to February) is cold and the days are short (the sun sets between 3.30pm to 4.30pm in December).

Does Denmark have winter?

The winter season is usually from October until April, with the peak being December to February. … During that time of year, you’re more likely to experience cold temperatures and therefore snowfall. The average winter temperatures are around 0°C (32°F), meaning they hover above freezing.

What is the hottest state in December?

During December, January and February, large cities with the warmest climates in the United States are in Florida. Just slightly cooler are urban areas along California’s Pacific coast and in southern Arizona and Texas. The season’s hottest temperatures are at Florida’s southernmost city, Miami.

What countries are warm in December?

Where is hot in December?

  • Cancun (30.4 °C)
  • Dominican Republic (29.6 °C)
  • Barbados (29.5 °C)
  • Brisbane (28.2 °C)
  • Cape Verde (26.4 °C)
  • Melbourne (25.5 °C)
  • Lanzarote (22.2 °C)
  • Tenerife (21.9 °C)