Question: What is the most Swedish name?

What is a common name in Sweden?

Popular names in Sweden for 2020 were led by Alice and Noah. Along with Alice, other top names for girls in Sweden include Maja, Elsa, Astrid, and Wilma. Along with Noah, other popular boy names in Sweden include William, Hugo, Lucas, and Liam.

What is a good Swedish name?

Top 10 Swedish girl names

Rank Name Count
1 Alice 688
2 Olivia 645
3 Astrid 628
4 Maja 618

What is the most common Swedish girls name?

Ranking of the most common female names in Sweden as of December 2020

Characteristic Number of individuals
Marie 41,077
Malin 40,433
Ingrid 40,398
Jenny 39,837

What does Mila mean in Swedish?

Mila. Origin: Slavic, Russian. Meaning: Gracious.

Is Sven a Swedish name?

Sven (in Danish and Norwegian, also Svend and also in Norwegian most commonly Svein) is a Scandinavian first name which is also used in the Low Countries and German-speaking countries. The name itself is Old Norse for “young man” or “young warrior”.

Is Max a Swedish name?

The name Max is a boy’s name of German, English, Aboriginal origin meaning “greatest”. Max was derived from Maximilian, a Latin name that originated from the Roman family name Maximus. … Max is a widely used name internationally.

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What is a Swedish girl name?

The Top 100 Swedish girls names in 2019.

Swedish girls names.

1 Alice
3 Astrid
4 Maja
5 Vera
6 Ebba

Do Swedish have middle names?

A common “rule” in the US is that names generally follow the pattern: FIRST-MIDDLE-LAST. That is, a person has a first name, a middle name and a last name (surname). … There is no special rule about first and middle names in Sweden. You can have one, two or even three or four given names.

Is Hugo a Swedish name?

Hugo is a surname and masculine given name of Germanic origin Hugo, meaning “mind”. The English version of the name is Hugh, the Italian version is Ugo. For detailed history and etymology of the name, see Hugh (given name).

Is Lisa a Swedish name?

Lisa is a name that was highly common among our mothers and aunts. However, you may have noticed that babies with the name Lisa are extremely rare, implying the dwindling popularity of the name.

Name Variations/Spellings.

Name Origin
Lysa Swedish
Liza Hebrew/American
Elizabeth/Elisabeth Hebrew
Eliza Hebrew

What are Swedish male names?

Most common male names in Sweden

Rank Name Count
1 Lars 85 511
2 Mikael 79 728
3 Anders 77 374
4 Johan 74 815

Is Ava a Swedish name?

Origin. The medieval name Ava is an abbreviation of a Germanic name containing the first element aw-, of uncertain meaning. … Ava was also the name of a medieval German woman poet. This name is the origin of the Norman French name of Aveline, which in turn gave rise to the English given name of Evelyn.

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What are some Swedish last names?

Here is a list of the most common last names found in Sweden.

  • Andersson, meaning ‘son of Anders or Andrews. …
  • Arvidsson, meaning ‘son of Arvid’.
  • Berg, meaning ‘mountain. …
  • Bjorklund, meaning ‘ Forest of birches’.
  • Claesson, meaning ‘ son of Claes’. …
  • Danielsson, meaning ‘son of Daniel’.
  • Gustafsson, meaning ‘ son of Gustav.

What is the most common last name in Sweden?


Rank Surname Number of bearers 2012
1 Andersson 251,621
2 Johansson 251,495
3 Karlsson 223,151
4 Nilsson 171,360

How is the name Maja pronounced?

Pronounce Names

Submitted from: Bulgaria
Pronunciation: m AH – ih ah m AH – ih ah me car it car What does this mean?
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Type of Name: First Name
Gender: Female