What can be posted to Norway?

What is not allowed to be shipped to Norway?

Firing caps, loaded metal cartridges for portable firearms, non-explosive elements of artillery fuses and matches. Pharmaceutical products of any kind, whether of synthetic extraction or classified as naturopathic preparations. Substances considered explosive; inflammable or dangerous.

Can you post parcels to Norway?

Couriers such as TNT are well-equipped to deliver your cheap postage to Norway within 1-3 days, without the hassle. Postage costs to Norway will vary depending on the size and weight of your package, the courier and the service you choose.

Can you post perfume to Norway?

There are some goods that you are not allowed to send by courier – such as perfume, which is considered hazardous.

Can I send cheese to Norway?

Meat, milk, cheese and other foods A quota of a total of 10 kilograms of meat, meat products, cheese and animal feed products applies when travelling to Norway. Importing foodstuffs If you intend to import food and drink (foodstuffs) from abroad, you must always pay VAT.

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Can I post Whisky to Norway?

You can send Single Malt Scotch Whisky Gifts to Norway in the following locations. Oslo, Alesund, Arendal, Bergen, Bodo, Drammen, Hamar, Harstad, Haugesund, Kristiansand, Larvik, Moss, Porsgrunn-Skien, Sandefjord, Stavanger, Tonsberg, Tromso, Trondheim Norway and all other locations in Norway.

Can you send vitamins to Norway?

Private individuals may only import medicines from EU / EEA countries that are non-prescription, are approved in Norway and have Norwegian package inserts and labelling on the packaging.

Can I send food to Norway?

Food containing animal components, i.e. meat, plucks, blood, eggs, milk or dried milk is subject to authorisation and a customs clearance permission by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Sausages, pastes and other similar foodstuffs can only be sent as postal parcels.

How much does it cost to send something to Norway?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Norway

Weight not over (lbs.) Parcel Post Rate
1 $17.50
2 20.05
3 22.90
4 25.80

How long does it take a package to get to Norway?

Getting a package from the USA to Norway takes between 3-10 business days with fast delivery methods, about 10-20 business days with slower delivery methods, and about 20-30 business days with the slowest and cheapest delivery methods.

Can I take chocolate to Norway?

Age limits for children. Children may only bring soft drinks, chocolate and sugar products duty free. If they are bringing other products, they must be 12 years of age.

Can I mail alcohol to Norway?

The Norwegian Directorate of Health tells us: “For importing alcohol for private use or receiving alcohol as a gift from abroad, shipped or sent, there is an exemption from the requirement for permission to import alcohol to Norway.

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Can you post seeds to Norway?

Private citizens may import up to 50 packets of garden seeds without a permit. When you travel, you may bring with you small amount of fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers to Norway. If your company imports plants and seeds, you need a phytosanitary certificate.

Does Norway import food?

Norway, the northernmost country in Europe, is one of the world’s top importers, with imports worth of US$ 74,89 billion in 2019, an increase of 6% from the previous year. Food imports continued to rise, especially for vegetable fats and oils, tree nuts and snack foods.