Which five animals are native to Norway?

What animal is native to Norway?

Terrestrial mammals on mainland Norway include the European hedgehog, six species of shrews and ten of bats. The European rabbit, the European hare and the mountain hare all live here as do the Eurasian beaver, the red squirrel and the brown rat as well as about fifteen species of smaller rodent.

What animal is Norway famous for?

Two of the most easily found animal species in Norway are elk and reindeer. Despite the Norwegian’s appetite for moose burgers, they are still common in the southern and central regions, whilst reindeer can be seen more frequently further north – obviously, that’s where Santa is.

Are bears native to Norway?

Hunted almost to extinction during the 19th century, brown bears are now, unsurprisingly, a rarity in Norway. However, a small native population can be found living along the northern borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia, three countries with much larger bear populations.

How many animals are in Norway?

There are 43 705 known species in Norway, 65 % of which belong to the animal kingdom. The largest group is insects, with more than 18 000 species. It is estimated that there are around 60 000 species in Norway, many of which are yet to be discovered.

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Are rabbits native to Norway?

In Norway, there are two national rabbit breeds, Trønderrabbit and white “country race”. The Trønder rabbit is a very rare rabbit breed today and there are only a few animals left. … Hannemo in Trondheim that around 1916-1918 started its systematic breeding.

Are there penguins in Norway?

In 1936, nine king penguins were introduced to northern Norway to increase their range. The birds survived the move but did not thrive in their new environment and the last sighting of a penguin in Norway was 1949.

Is Kangaroo a mammal?

Kangaroo Facts. Kangaroos are large marsupials that are found only in Australia. … Like all marsupials, a sub-type of mammal, females have pouches that contain mammary glands, where their young live until they are old enough to emerge.

Does Norway have raccoons?

This is clearly a species that is highly undesirable in the Norwegian countryside.” Though native to North America, raccoons have had no problem adjusting to life in Germany, where there is already a population of some half a million.

What bird in Norway has a colorful beak?

The iconic feature of the Atlantic puffin is its brightly coloured striped beak. But did you know those dramatic hues are seasonal? Puffins malt during their time at sea and shed all the colourful portions of their beaks as well as the black markings around their eyes in the process.

What kind of snakes are in Norway?


Scientific Name Norwegian Common Name Picture
Coronella austriaca Slettsnok These snakes may bite people, although they are not harmful to humans.
Dermochelys coriacea Havlærskilpadde A leatherback sea turtle on a beach
Natrix natrix Buorm
Vipera berus Huggorm This snake is venomous but its bite is rarely fatal to humans.
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Do grizzlies live in Norway?

Being common inhabitants of Finnland and Russia, brown bears turn out to be a true rarity in Norway. The only area they might be found in Norway is a narrow piece of land south of Kirkness bordering Finnish and Russian territories. Another potential place to encounter a brown bear is Øvre Dividal National Park.

Are pigeons in Norway?

Pigeon sport in Norway

There are clubs in the cities from the Swedish border and around the coast line up to Bergen. … The predators has just increased but the latest years the pigeons have been stronger and keep calm when attacked on a daily basis .