You asked: What does Haji mean in Swedish?

What do you mean by Haji?

Definition of haji

: one who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca —often used as a title.

What does Ribba mean in Swedish?

Wiktionary: ribba → crossbar, bar. ribba → lath, bar, crossbar, pole, rod, handle, shaft, staff, stake, stave, spar.

What does POJK mean in Swedish?

boy, lad, laddie.

What does Mana mean in Swedish?

mana (uppmana; egga)

to exhort; to dun. exhort verb (exhorts, exhorted, exhorting)

Where did the term Haji come from?

Where does haji come from? Hajj (حَجّ) and haji (حاجي) are transliterations of Arabic words that mean “pilgrimage” and “one who has completed the Hajj to Mecca,” respectively.

Is Haji A NAME?

Hajji (also transliterated as Haji, Hadji, or Hacı (Turkish), Arabic: حاجي) is a common Arabic title meaning “one who has completed the Hajj to Mecca”. It is also often used as a given name or surname.

How do you spell boy in Swedish?


  1. pojke, -en Noun.
  2. grabb, -en Noun.
  3. gosse, -en Noun.

How do you pronounce Pojke?

Yup, pojke is pronounced with a k sound. Plural pojkar, same k sound. Kö meaning queue is also pronounced with a k sound but kön (gender) is pronounced with the sh sound, as Kerstin, kyrka, kära.

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What do we say Manana in English?

Spanish, literally, tomorrow, from Vulgar Latin *maneana, from feminine of *maneanus early, from Latin mane early in the morning.

What does Warrior Mana stand for?

Dwayne The Rock Johnson – In Hawaii we have a word called “mana” which means “spirit”. ” Warrior mana” is my foundation. Core of the symbolic story my tatau (tattoo) tells. My mana is my DNA that keeps me grounded and hungry. Find your “mana” and let it lead you.

What does manifest mean in history?

historical usage of manifest

The Latin sense of manifestus “evident, plain to see” is the earliest sense in English. The Latin verb manifestāre “to make visible, indicate, make plain, disclose,” a derivative of manifestus, is, along with the Middle French verb manifester, the source of the English verb.