You asked: What does LGH mean in Swedish?

Abbreviation of lägenhet (“apartment”).

What is Rok Sweden?

Another thing that you may notice when reading Swedish rental ads is something like this “1 rok” or “2 rok”. “Rok” simply means “rum och kök” – room and kitchen.

What does C O mean in Swedish?

volume_up. 1. ” c/o (på samma postadress som)” c/o [abbr.] ( care of)

What does KLK mean in Swedish?

KLK: a wardrobe or walk-in closet.

What does the Viking Stone say?

The language, being closer to the Swedish of the 19th than of the 14th century, is one of the main reasons for the scholarly consensus dismissing it as a hoax. The text translates to: “Eight Geats and twenty-two Norwegians on an exploration journey from Vinland to the west.

What does care mean?

“Care of” simply means by way of someone, through someone or “in care of” another party. Oftentimes, you can find it abbreviated as C/O. People often use this phrase to send mail to someone they don’t have an address for or to send mail to themselves.

What does S o mean in text?

According to both Cyber Definitions and Urban Dictionary, the most common definitions of the internet slang term S/O are “significant other” and “shout out.” According to Merriam-Webster, the term significant other is used to refer to either a person who is important to someone’s well-being, or that person’s spouse, …

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What does C /- mean in an address?

care of: used in an address on a letter or parcel that you are sending to someone at another person’s house. Peter Lawrence, c/- Joe Maloney… Synonyms and related words.

Is the Kensington Stone Real?

The Kensington Runestone is a gravestone-sized slab of hard, gray sandstone called graywacke into which Scandinavian runes are cut. It stands on display in Alexandria, Minnesota, as either a unique record of Norse exploration of North America or of Minnesota’s most brilliant and durable hoax.

Did Vikings ever go to Minnesota?

The inscription on the Kensington Runestone claimed that Vikings led by Paul Knutson had come to the prairies of western Minnesota in 1362 in search of the Vineland colony established by Leif Erickson, whom some Minnesotans believe also visited the state.

What is Viking Sunstone?

The Norse sagas mention a mysterious “sunstone” used for navigation. Now a team of scientists claims that the sunstones could have been calcite crystals and that Vikings could have used them to get highly accurate compass readings even when the sun was hidden. … Calcite is such a crystal.