Can I study Danish in Denmark?

Danish courses are often available as an online activity at language school. Courses are targeted at both beginners and those who already have some knowledge of the Danish language. You can follow the courses to reach a high level of Danish proficiency or use them as a supplement to ongoing language education.

Are Danish classes free in Denmark?

A: Danish Courses under danskuddannelsen (The Certified Danish Education) are 100 percent free if you have a referral from the municipality in which you live.

Can a foreigner study in Denmark?

Non-EU/EEA citizens need a residence permit to study in Denmark. The processing time takes around 2 months, and you have to pay a fee of 255 EUR. To learn more about visas and residence permits, visit the website.

Where can you learn Danish?

Most vocab trainers, such as Duolingo, Memrise or Drops, offer Danish courses to get you started with the basics. Once you’re confident and want to put what you’ve learned to the test, download a language exchange app like Tandem and find a native speaker to have a real conversation with.

Is Danish hard to learn?

Danish. Danish isn’t hard to learn, but as with most Scandinavian languages, the biggest hurdle with studying Danish is in being able to practice. … It is generally spoken more quickly and more softly than other Scandinavian languages. Danish is also flatter and more monotonous than English.

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