Can you fly direct from UK to Sweden?

SAS, British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, Etihad Airways, Ryanair and Norwegian all fly direct to Sweden.

Are there direct flights to Sweden?

Direct flights to Sweden from the United States are available via United, SAS, and Norwegian. British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Delta, Air France, US Airways, and SATA are a few of the many international carriers that fly directly to Sweden as well.

What UK airports fly to Sweden?

Norwegian flies in from London’s Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh, while British Airways has multiple daily options from Heathrow. SAS also flies from Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Ryanair has services to Vasteras and Skavsta, which are close to Stockholm, from London Stansted.

Where in the UK flies direct to Stockholm?

Which UK airports fly direct to Stockholm?

  • London Gatwick.
  • London Stansted.
  • London Heathrow.
  • Manchester.
  • Liverpool John Lennon.
  • Edinburgh.

How do you get to Sweden from UK?

The most popular way to travel from the UK to Sweden by ferry in a van or lorry is from Dover or Folkestone. They offer the most flexible options with three ferry legs that are all open tickets and often the quickest routes.

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What are the travel restrictions in Sweden?

“The Swedish government changed the entry ban so foreign travellers entering from a Nordic country are no longer exempted from the test requirement. From 28 December 2021 a negative test is required for most foreign citizens who are not residents of Sweden,” the statement of the Swedish Police reads.

How long is a flight to Sweden from UK?

Flights from London to Stockholm, Sweden: 2 hours 15 minutes. Flights from Manchester to Malma, Sweden: 4 hours 45 minutes. Flights from Birmingham to Gothenburg, Sweden: 3 hours 10 minutes. Flights from Glasgow to Stockholm, Sweden: 4 hours 30 minutes.

Is Sweden expensive?

On a global scale, Sweden isn’t even in the top 10 most expensive countries. Most surveys rank the overall cost of living below that of the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Americans may find Sweden considerably more expensive than it is at home, however.

How do I get from London to Sweden?


  1. Take the train from London St Pancras Eurostar to Brussel-Zuid / Bruxelles-Midi.
  2. Take the train from Brussel-Zuid / Bruxelles-Midi to Koeln Hbf.
  3. Take the train from Koeln Hbf to Hamburg Hbf.
  4. Take the train from Hamburg Hbf to København H.
  5. Take the train from København H to Stockholm Centralstation.

Do you have to quarantine when entering Sweden?

All travellers are recommended to get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible after arriving in Sweden, preferably the same day. This applies both to vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and also to those who have had COVID-19 in the past six months.

Can you fly from London to Stockholm?

There are 10 airlines who fly direct from London to Stockholm. How many flights are there a week from London to Stockholm? Flights from London to Stockholm depart from Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted Airport. … Ryanair serves flights from Luton to both Stockholm Vasteras and Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

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Can you fly from Bristol to Sweden?

Top tips for finding a cheap flight from Bristol to Sweden

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights from Bristol to Sweden. … The cheapest month to fly from Bristol to Sweden is March. Morning departure is around 53% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.

Does JetBlue fly to Sweden?

JetBlue Airways Tickets to Sweden

Travelocity is proud to offer some of the lowest prices on JetBlue Airways one-way and round-trip flights to many popular destinations in Sweden. … We provide free 24 hour cancellations and a wide variety of flight routes so that you can book your next trip with confidence.

Is Sweden open for travel?

A Covid certificate is needed for foreign nationals in order to travel to Sweden. The certificate shows that a person has been tested negative, has been vaccinated against, or recovered from Covid-19. … There is a ban on non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU/EEA until 31 January 2022.

Do I need a Covid test to enter Sweden?

In general, foreigners who are exempted from the entry ban and enter from another country need to present a negative covid-19 test result in order to be allowed entry into Sweden. The test can not be older than 48 hours. The test results need to verify that the traveler do not have an ongoing covid-19 infection.

Is there a ferry from UK to Stockholm?

Incidentally, there are now no ferries between the UK and Sweden or anywhere else in Scandinavia. Option 1, London to Stockholm by Eurostar & daytime trains leaving London in the morning on day 1 and arriving in Stockholm in the evening on day 2, with an overnight stop in Hamburg.

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