Frequent question: How many Swedish speakers are in Finland?

How many Swedish speakers are in Helsinki?

Helsinki, the capital, had a Swedish-speaking majority until late in the 19th century. Currently 5.9% of the population of Helsinki are native Swedish speakers and 15% are native speakers of languages other than Finnish and Swedish.

How many Finns are there in Sweden?

Today, approximately 450,000 first- and second-generation Swedish Finns live in Sweden, of whom about half speak Finnish.

How many Swedish speaks Finland?

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Approximately 87% of Finns speak Finnish as their native language. Approximately 5% of Finns speak Swedish as their native language. Swedish is spoken the most on Finland’s western and southern coast.

Can Swedes speak Finnish?

The further east you go, the lesser people speak and understand Swedish. Most Swedish-speaking Finns speak fluent or functional Finnish. Only 45% of Finns say their Swedish is satisfactory, while 26% say that they do not speak the language at all, despite the fact that it is obligatory in school.

Do all Finns learn Swedish?

Swedish is a mandatory school subject for Finnish-speaking pupils in the last four years of primary education (grades 6 to 9). … Altogether, 89% of Finnish citizens are native Finnish speakers, whereas 5.3% of the population report Swedish as their mother tongue.

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Is Russian spoken in Finland?

Russian occupies the first place in the list of non-state languages of the country, according to the data provided by Official Statistics of Finland, YLE reports. Almost 70 thousand people have a strong command of the Russian language in Finland. It is a native language for them.

What percentage of Sweden speaks Finnish?

According to the latest research by Radio Sweden (Sveriges Radio), there are almost 470,000 people who speak or understand Finnish or Meänkieli, which was about 5.2% of the population of Sweden.

What do Finns look like?

Finns’ eyes are often light grey blue, sometimes with a mix of turquoise (pic 2). There are some people with brown or green eyes but it is not that common. The typical Finnish eyes are almond-shaped. The eye brows tend to be quite fair and thin compared to many other countries.

Why is Swedish official in Finland?

First: Swedish is an official language of Finland, because a) Sweden and Finland had a long common history as Finland was a part of Sweden from early medieval times until 1809 (when Russia attacked and took it), b) since then there’s a significant Swedish speaking minority in Finland (ca 6%), c) there’s also historical …

Is Swedish similar to Finnish?

While Standard Swedish and Finland Swedish are mutually intelligible, Swedish and Finnish are not. They are two completely different languages from separate language groups, which means that Swedes who vacation in Finland (and vice versa) won’t be able to understand each other.

When did Sweden Control Finland?

Historical evidence of the establishing of Swedish rule in Finland exists from the late 13th century onwards. Swedish rule ended in most of so-called Old Finland in 1721 as a result of the Great Northern War.

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Can you live in Finland with Swedish?

You can live in any country even if you didn’t speak their language. You must’ve meant that can you manage in Finland even if you didn’t speak Finnish. You can, Swedish is the second official language of Finland.

How many Swedes live in Germany?


Total population
Germany 23,000
Brazil 23,000 (ancestry)
Spain 20,385
Denmark 16,620

How many languages do Finns speak?

Finnish is the most popular language in Finland. There are more than 150 different languages spoken in Finland. Finnish and Swedish are the two official languages of Finland In addition to the two official languages, the country has other languages that have their ‘users’ rights written down in law.