How do I dial a mobile number in New Zealand?

How do I call a mobile in New Zealand?

Dial 001164, then the area code, then the number.

Once you’ve found the correct area code, dial the exit code (0011), the country code for New Zealand (64), the area code for a specific region within New Zealand, then the number you are trying to reach.

How do I call a NZ mobile number from Australia?

Dialling codes

New Zealand’s country code is +64. For calls to New Zealand from Australia dial: 0011 + 64 + area code + telephone number.

What is the area code for New Zealand for mobiles?

Telephone numbers in New Zealand

NSN length 8 (landline) 9 (most mobile)
Typical format (0x) xxx xxxx (0xx) xxx xxxx (0xxx) xxx xxx
Access codes
Country calling code 64

How do you write your mobile number with country code NZ?

For example to call a New Zealand number you replace the 0 at the beginning of the number with +64 (New Zealand’s country code), which means: 03 345 6789 becomes +64 3 345 6789 and 021 345 678 becomes +64 21 345 687.

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What is the area code for a mobile number?

Area codes

Area code Region State or territory
02 Central East New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
03 South East Victoria, Tasmania
04 Mobile telephones Australia-wide
07 North East Queensland

How do I call a mobile number from my phone?

Mobile numbers usually have a prefix in every country. So dial the number typically starting with 0 and the prefix.

  1. Pick up the landline.
  2. Hold it to your ear.
  3. Listen for a dial tone (a buzzing-type of sound)
  4. Dial the number.
  5. As soon as you dial the last number, it will connect. There is no send button on a landline.

How do you enter a mobile number with a country code?

The UK mobile phone number ‘07911 123456’ in international format is ‘+44 7911 123456’, so without the first zero.

To use the previous example:

  1. Country code: +44.
  2. National destination code: 7911.
  3. Subscriber number: 123456.
  4. The result: +447911123456.

How many digits does a NZ mobile number have?

New Zealand’s telephone numbers are made up of 10 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to New Zealand using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+7-digit number.

Is 028 a mobile number?

Existing 021, 027 or 029 numbers could be switched to the new network. New numbers would have an 028 prefix.

How do you write your mobile number in international format?

A phone number in full international format includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number. When contacting WhatsApp, always send your phone number in full international format.

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