How do you say bar in Norwegian?

What is Melis in Norwegian?

powdered sugar {noun} melis.

What does Kino mean in Norwegian?

English Translation. cinema.

What does spar mean in Norwegian?

Translation of spar – English–Norwegian dictionary

a thick pole of wood or metal, especially one used as a ship’s mast etc. bjelke, stang, bom.

What does girl mean in Norwegian?

/ɡəːl/ a female child. jente, pike, datter.

What is Melis in English?

: a usually slightly yellowish imperfectly refined sugar usually prepared in loaf form.

What is the meaning of Kino in German?

In reference to cinema, kino is a shortening of the German kinematograph, meaning “motion-picture projector” and related to English’s own cinematography.

How do you pronounce kvinne in Norwegian?

It’s “kvin-nuh.”

What do you say to a Norwegian girl?

20 phrases you can use to flirt in Norwegian:

  • Hi, What’s up? – Hei, hva skjer?
  • You’re very good-looking. – Du ser vedlig fin ut.
  • You are very pretty. – Du er veldig pen.
  • You look very pretty. – Du ser veldig pen ut.
  • What a beautiful smile! – For et pent smil.
  • You are cute. …
  • You have beautiful eyes. …
  • You are perfect to me.
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