How many students are in Copenhagen?

How many students live in Copenhagen?

million people: 11 universities. 150,00 students and. 10,000 PhD students.

How many university students are there in Denmark?

Number of registered university students in Denmark from 2010 to 2020

Characteristic Number of students
2020 150,643
2019 148,981
2018 150,338
2017 151,599

How many international students are in Copenhagen?

The table shows how many foreign students have studied at the University of Copenhagen, and how many of the University’s own students have studied abroad.

3 Full-time and Part-time Education.

3.1 Number of foreign students at full degrees in Denmark 3,991
3.1.A Number of students from other Nordic countries 958

How many international students are there in Denmark?

Overall enrolment growth. Over the last five years, the total number of international students in Denmark increased by just over 42%, from 23,950 in 2013 to 34,030 in 2017.

How big is Copenhagen?

34.07 mi²
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