Is Stockholm a rich city?

Stockholm has been named among the top ten richest regions in the European Union according to a new study published in the Svenska Dagbladet daily on Sunday. … The contrast between wealthy northern European cities and their southern and eastern European counterparts is stark.

How wealthy is Stockholm?

This is a list of the municipalities of Sweden by average net wealth of its inhabitants in 2007 according to Statistics Sweden.

List of municipalities of Sweden by wealth.

# Municipality Average net wealth (‘000 SEK)
9 Stockholm Municipality 1,034
10 Ekerö Municipality 974
11 Värmdö Municipality 967
12 Sollentuna Municipality 942

What is the poorest city in Sweden?

Although not a spa, its water is sold in bottles with the brand “Porlavatten” and have been distributed nationwide since the 1920s. On August 17, 2012, it was reported in Dagens Nyheter that Laxå is Sweden’s poorest municipality and the only one in the country with a net debt.

Are there any rich people in Sweden?

This is a list of Swedish billionaires based on an annual assessment of wealth and assets compiled and published by Forbes magazine in 2019.

2019 Swedish billionaires list.

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World rank 103
Name Stefan Persson
Citizenship Sweden
Net worth (USD) 19 billion
Source of wealth H&M

How many billionaires live in Sweden?

This is a list of countries by their number of billionaire residents, based on annual assessments of the net worth in United States Dollars of wealthy individuals worldwide.


Rank 16
Country/Territory Sweden
Number of billionaires 41
Number of billionaires per million people 2.987

Why is Sweden so wealthy?

How did Sweden get so rich? Sweden only started to really accumulate wealth as it started to industrialise sometime in the mid-19th century. … Through luck and well-placed geography, Sweden had the kind of natural resources (iron ore and wood) needed when countries like Britain and Germany industrialised.

Why are the Swedes so attractive?

They have a natural glow: As well as a nutrient-rich diet – including a lot of herring and other fish oils which help maintain glowing skin – the Swedish tend to have higher cheekbones, giving them natural contour and highlights.

Where do the rich live in Stockholm?

Östermalm. An extremely affluent area in Stockholm, Östermalm is where the wealthy live and socialise. The area has beautiful parks, leafy streets and stately buildings, and is home to some of the most upmarket shops, restaurants and bars in Stockholm.

Are there homeless in Sweden?

Homelessness in Sweden affects some 34,000 people. … Some researchers maintain that measures to counteract homelessness in Sweden are largely dependent on a general premise equating homelessness with addiction, mental illness and deviance. On the other hand, youth homelessness is considered a child protection problem.

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Is Sweden highly taxed?

Tax rates for individuals

In Sweden, most people pay only local tax – ranging between 29.08 and 35.15 per cent depending on municipality – on their annual income. Earners above a certain income threshold set by the Tax Agency (link in Swedish) also pay 20 per cent state tax.

Who is the wealthiest family in Sweden?


Stefan Persson is Sweden’s richest person by way of global cheap chic fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz, of which he owns 36%. Persson stepped down as chairman in May 2020 after 22 years in the role; his son Karl-Johan succeeded him. H&M was founded by Persson’s father Erling in 1947.

Is Sweden a poor country?

Sweden, a Nordic country in Northern Europe known for its progressive politics, is home to a population of 10.3 million. … Although Sweden is a relatively wealthy country, 16.2% of its people are at risk of falling into poverty.

How big is Sweden’s economy?

$612 billion (nominal, 2021 est.) $583 billion (PPP, 2021 est.)

Is Sweden a good place to retire?

Sweden is one of the most sought-after countries in the world. It offers an excellent quality of life for retirees with beautiful landscapes and historic, walkable cities to enjoy.