Question: Does Sweden export energy?

Sweden exported approximately 36.8 terawatt hours of electricity in 2020. This was the peak in the period of consideration and also a notable increase compared to 2018, when exports amounted to 29.4 terawatt hours.

What are the top 5 exports of Sweden?

Exports The top exports of Sweden are Cars ($11.8B), Packaged Medicaments ($8.04B), Refined Petroleum ($7.56B), Vehicle Parts ($5.22B), and Broadcasting Equipment ($3.89B), exporting mostly to Germany ($16.4B), Norway ($14.8B), United States ($12.5B), Denmark ($11.1B), and Finland ($10B).

Does Sweden export fossil fuels?

Remark: The diagram includes the total quantity of fossil fuels supplied to the Swedish energy system, 323 TWh. Of these, 143 TWh are exported and 35 TWh go to bunkers in international maritime and aviation transport, leaving 145 TWh of fossil fuels for final use in Sweden.

What country exports the most energy?

List of countries by electricity exports

Rank Country Date of Information
1 France 2019 est.
2 Germany 2019 est.
3 Canada 2014 est.
4 Paraguay 2018 est.
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What is Sweden’s main energy source?

Most of Sweden’s electricity supply comes from hydro and nuclear, along with a growing contribution from wind. Heating is supplied mainly through bioenergy-based district heating and heat pumps. Most of Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transport sector, which remains reliant on oil.

What is Sweden famous for producing?

Sweden is a major world exporter of forest products. Timber is transported via a dense road and rail network. Sawmills and pulp and paper factories process the forest products. Swedish manufacturers produce a variety of wood products, including paper, boards, and prefabricated houses and furniture.

Who is Swedens biggest trading partner?

In 2019, Sweden major trading partner countries for exports were Norway, Germany, United States, Finland and Denmark and for imports they were Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and China.

Does Sweden have nuclear power plants?

Nuclear power currently represents approximately 35 per cent of Sweden’s national power supply. There are three nuclear power plants in the country, with a total of six reactors in operation. These NPPs are the Forsmark, Oskarshamn and Ringhals plants. The Forsmark NPP has three reactors in operation.

Does Sweden use natural gas?

Every year, the Swedish natural gas system transmits approximately 19 TWh of energy, depending on the need during the winter period. It is primarily natural gas from Denmark that is transported through the network. The consumption of natural gas accounts for two per cent of Sweden’s total energy usage.

Who is the biggest exporter of fossil fuels?


Rank Country/region Oil – exports
1 Saudi Arabia 6,880,000 bbl/d (1,094,000 m3/d)
2 Russia 4,625,000 bbl/d (735,300 m3/d)
3 United Arab Emirates 2,500,000 bbl/d (400,000 m3/d)
4 Iraq 2,390,000 bbl/d (380,000 m3/d)
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Which countries import the most energy?

Luxembourg is the top country by energy imports in the world. As of 2015, energy imports in Luxembourg was 96.3 %. The top 5 countries also includes Japan, Ireland, Republic of Korea, and Belgium.

What country imports the most electricity?

Country Comparison > Electricity – imports

Rank Country Electricity – imports (million kWh)
1 United States 72,720
2 Italy 43,180
3 Brazil 41,310
4 Switzerland 34,100

Who is the largest exporter in the world?

China has been the largest exporter of goods in the world since 2009. 1 Official estimates suggest the country’s total exports amounted to $2.641 trillion in 2019. 2 In 2013, China became the largest trading nation in the world. 1 The United States previously held that position.

Does Sweden import energy?

Energy in Sweden describes energy and electricity production, consumption and import in Sweden. … By 2014 just over half of the country’s total final energy consumption in electricity, heating and cooling and transport combined was provided by renewables, the highest share amongst the 28 EU member countries.

How much energy does Sweden import?

Sweden imported 14,287,000 MWh of electricity in 2016 (covering 11% of its annual consumption needs).

How much energy does Sweden consume?

Energy Balance

Electricity total Sweden per capita
Own consumption 133.50 bn kWh 12,894.26 kWh
Production 152.90 bn kWh 14,768.04 kWh
Import 14.29 bn kWh 1,380.22 kWh
Export 26.02 bn kWh 2,513.17 kWh