Question: How do I apply for a Swedish pension?

You must apply yourself when you want to start withdrawing it. You can apply for a pension from the month in which your application is submitted to the Swedish Pensions Agency. Pension cannot be applied for retroactively. You apply for a pension on our website with an e-ID that is approved in Sweden.

How do I qualify for a Swedish pension?

To receive any earnings-related pension, an individ- ual must have at least 3 years with pension points. To re- ceive the “full” earnings-related pension, the individual must have had pensionable earnings for at least 30 years (exceptions are made for those born before 1924).

How many years do you have to work in Sweden to get a pension?

To be entitled to a guarantee pension when you live in Sweden, you must have lived or worked in Sweden for at least three years.

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How much is the average Swedish pension?

The average national public pension in January 2021 was SEK 13,200 per month (link in Swedish). In addition to the national public pension, most people employed in Sweden also get an occupational pension, based on contributions made by their employers.

What happens to my pension if I leave Sweden?

You will keep your income-based pension regardless of where you move. You will keep your income pension, premium pension and supplementary pension regardless of the country you move to or live in.

How does the Swedish pension system work?

Under the old system, Sweden pays benefits through a two-tier program: the first tier pays a basic pension based on residence; and the second tier pays an earnings-related supplementary pension (ATP).

How much do you need to retire in Sweden?

To live cheaply, you can get by on a monthly budget of 8,000kr (about 850 euro or 1,000 dollars). On this budget, you’ll still be able to pursue leisure activities and take the odd holiday. If your pension or modest salary allows you to have a higher budget than 8,000kr per month, you can expect to live well in Sweden.

Does Sweden have Social Security?

Social security in Sweden is an aspect of the Swedish welfare system and consists of various social insurances handled by the National Agency for Social Insurance (Swedish: Försäkringskassan), and welfare provided based on need by local municipalities.

What is the minimum service for pension?

The minimum eligibility period for receipt of pension is 10 years. A Central Government servant retiring in accordance with the Pension Rules is entitled to receive pension on completion of at least 10 years of qualifying service.


Is it possible to retire to Sweden?

Everyone who has worked or lived in Sweden is entitled to retirement pension. The pension is based on all the income you have paid tax on.

What is Sweden’s retirement age?

The average retirement age for Swedes increased to 65 in 2020, according to the Swedish Pensions Agency.

How do you manage your pension in Sweden even if you’re not planning to stay?

There are various ways to do this: a private pension fund through a bank; a capital insurance fund (kapitalförsäkring); or by investing in stocks, property, or other assets. If you’re not planning to stay in Sweden long-term, it may well make sense to keep these savings in another country, if possible.

What is guaranteed pension Sweden?

Guarantee pension.

The guarantee pension is for people who have had a low income or no income from work. In order to receive a full guarantee pension, you have to have lived in Sweden for at least 40 years. The guarantee pension decreases if you have lived in Sweden for less than 40 years.

Does pension come out of salary?

You and your employer must pay a percentage of your earnings into your workplace pension scheme. How much you pay and what counts as earnings depend on the pension scheme your employer has chosen.

What happens to my pension if I move abroad?

If you move abroad before you start to take any pension income, you have two options: Stop paying into your pension and take your money at a later date – from age 55 at the earliest. Continue paying into your pension. But be aware that the amount of tax relief on your contributions might be limited.

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Is Swedish pension taxed?

If the recipient was a resident of and a national of the United Kingdom, the pensions, including Swedish Social Security pensions, are taxable only in the United Kingdom (Article 18). … If received by a UK resident, they will also be taxable in the UK with credit for any Swedish tax paid.