Question: How do I get a visa for Sweden from Turkey?

Do you need a visa to go to Sweden from Turkey?

Sweden tourist visa is required for citizens of Turkey.

Can Turks visit Sweden?

Sweden has major restrictions for travel. Most visitors from Turkey will not be allowed to travel to Sweden.

Can I apply for Schengen visa from Turkey?

Turkey does not have visa-free access to the Schengen area, meaning that if you are a Turkish citizen who is looking to visit multiple countries in Europe, you will likely need to apply for a Schengen visa.

Is it easy to get Sweden visa?

Usually, the Schengen Sweden visa application process takes around 10-12 normal days. In case your visa application or documents need additional scrutiny, then it may take anywhere between 30-60 days for the visa process to be completed.

How much does a Swedish visa cost?

If you are applying for the visa for the first time, you will need to start the process by submitting everything to the Swedish embassy or consulate in your country of origin. The visa cost will be the same as a regular work permit: 2,000 SEK (200 USD). The wait time, however, will be about 10–15 months.


How long does it take to get Sweden visa?

On average, the Sweden Schengen Visa processing time takes up to 15 days to process a standard Schengen Visa. After 15 days, the embassy gives a decision on the application. However, the processing time of the Schengen visa may vary in some specific situations.

How can immigrate to Sweden?

Those who want to become Swedish citizens must have reached the age of 18, have a permanent residence permit and have lived in Sweden for about five years. Children under the age of 18 can become Swedish citizens at the same time as a foreign father or mother.

Who needs a visa to enter Sweden?

For US visitors

A valid passport entitles North American Citizens to a three-month stay in Sweden. U.S citizens do not need a visa if the visit is 90 days or less.

How long can Swedish citizen stay in Turkey?

Sweden citizens – Ordinary and official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels up to 90 days.

Do Turkish citizens need a visa for Europe?

Turkish passport holders do not require a visa and may stay for up to 90 days. Turkish passport holders can apply online for an eVisa or a Visa on Arrival permitting them to stay for up to 90 days.

How can I get Germany visa from Turkey?

The Germany (Schengen) Visa – Citizens of Turkey

  1. Apply now.
  2. Start your Schengen visa application.
  3. Begin your application to acquire The Germany (Schengen) Visa – Citizens of Turkey.
  4. Apply now.
  5. Get your Schengen visa.
  6. Begin your application for Germany (Schengen) Visa – Citizens of Turkey.
  7. Apply Now.
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Is Schengen visa open?

Is Schengen visa available on arrival? No, Schengen visa on arrival option is not available for Indian Citizens. All Indian passport holders are required to apply for a Schengen visa in case they wish to travel to one or more of the 26 Schengen countries, for work, transit, travel and other purposes.

How much bank balance is required for Schengen visa?

Bank statement – this needs to show a minimum balance of €3000 over the last 6 months. If you do not have this amount in your bank, you could show a family member’s/guardian’s statement instead, with an accompanying letter stating that they are sponsoring your travel and stay.

Can I apply Sweden visa online?

General required documents for a Sweden Visa Application: Download the Sweden Visa Application form, fill it completely and with sincerity. You can also fill the Sweden Schengen Visa application form electronically and then print a hard-copy.

Is Sweden expensive?

On a global scale, Sweden isn’t even in the top 10 most expensive countries. Most surveys rank the overall cost of living below that of the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Americans may find Sweden considerably more expensive than it is at home, however.