Quick Answer: How many tourists visit New Zealand each year?

How many visitors does New Zealand get each year?

In 2019 the number of international visitors to New Zealand was 11.32 Million people, which was slightly less than the previous year.

How many tourists visit NZ?

Before the pandemic, tourism was a big part of the New Zealand economy, employing nearly 230,000 people and contributing 41.9 billion New Zealand dollars ($30.2 billion) a year. About 3.8 million foreign tourists visited between 2018 and 2019, with the majority coming from Australia.

What country visits New Zealand the most?

Australia provides by far the largest group of New Zealand’s international tourists (about 45%), due to its close proximity (3-4 hours by plane) and traditional good relations. Mainland China, the United States and the United Kingdom are the next three largest markets.

How much of New Zealand’s economy is tourism?

According to Tourism Industry Aotearoa, it is the country’s biggest export industry, making up about 20% of total exports. Tourism spend makes up a large chunk of the country’s overall economy, accounting for more than 5% of GDP, and directly or indirectly employing 13.6% of the national workforce.

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How many tourists visit Rotorua annually?

An estimated 3.5 million people visit Rotorua each year – 42 percent of them are from overseas and the rest domestic. Together they spend about $842 million a year in the region. Chinese tourists rank fourth behind Australia, the United States and the UK/Europe in numbers visiting Rotorua.

How many tourists visit Australia?

How many tourists visit Australia each year? In 2019, approximately 9.4 million tourists visited Australia from overseas. This marked a 2.4% increase from 2018, when 9.2 million tourists visited Australia from overseas.

Why do tourists visit New Zealand?

New Zealand has a dazzling wealth of breathtaking scenery, friendly and fun-loving people, plenty of things to see and do, mouthwatering food and wine and a vibe that is unlike anywhere else in the world. … New Zealand has everything you could wish for in a destination and it’s delightfully easy to get around.

How many people visited NZ in 2018?


Month-Year Actual Seasonally adjusted
Dec-2018 529,255 314,220
Jan-2019 399,346 320,190
Feb-2019 417,934 319,970
Mar-2019 378,270 348,100

What percentage of NZ tourists are Australian?

New Zealand’s share in the Australian tourism industry

New Zealand contributes over 15% of visitors to Australia.

How many people visited NZ in 2019?

How many tourists visited New Zealand in 2019? Over 3.8 million tourists and other travellers visited New Zealand for the year ending December 2019. International tourism saw an increase of 0.7% over the previous year.

What is the largest industry in New Zealand?

Agriculture is New Zealand’s biggest industry. Overall, it generates 70% of NZ’s merchandise export earnings and 12% gross domestic product. New Zealand is the world’s largest exporter for dairy and sheep meat, which is evident as you drive past never-ending sheep and cow fields.

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What is NZ biggest export?

Exports The top exports of New Zealand are Concentrated Milk ($5.73B), Sheep and Goat Meat ($2.62B), Rough Wood ($2.31B), Butter ($2.29B), and Frozen Bovine Meat ($2.09B), exporting mostly to China ($11.1B), Australia ($5.7B), United States ($3.78B), Japan ($2.38B), and South Korea ($1.15B).