What is OBS in Danish?

What does obs mean in Danish?

English translation: monitor for

Danish to English translations [PRO] Medical (general) / Medical report
English translation:monitor for Explanation: obs. meaning “observe/monitor for possible malignancy” Selected response from: Alice Wolfe, DDS United States Local time: 03:30

What is the meaning of OBS?

OBS means “Obviously.”

What does OBS mean twitch?

Open Broadcaster Software (known as OBS) is one of the most popular video recording and live streaming tools. It’s free and open source, easy to set up and has built-in support for the most common live streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

What does OBS mean in gaming?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a popular video streaming and recording program that gamers use to share screen captures for tutorials or other types of video presentations.

What does OBS mean in crossword?

Crossword clues for ‘OBS’

Clue. Answer. Delivery pros (3)

What is OBS zoom?

More videos on YouTube

Connecting OBS to Zoom allows you to send high-quality video production into your Zoom meetings. This is a great way to live stream Zoom Meetings and make recordings that have extra production functionality features available in Open Broadcaster Software.

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Does OBS record audio?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free piece of software that is designed for streaming and recording audio and video sources on Mac or Windows. … The great thing about OBS (other than being free) is that it can record from almost any audio or video source, internal or external.

Is OBS safe to download?

Is OBS safe to use? … As long as you download OBS from this website, you will receive the latest version which is safe to use and free of malware. OBS contains no advertisements or bundled software / adware – if you’ve been asked to pay for OBS, this is a scam and you should request a refund or charge back the payment.

What is OBS video?

Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS, is a free and open source solution for offline video recording and live streaming that is Mac and Windows compliant. With an open canvas approach to video creation this tool can mix a variety of audio and video sources to a single output for creative video and broadcast applications.

How do I connect OBS to twitch?

How to use OBS

  1. Open OBS.
  2. Select Settings. …
  3. Select Stream. …
  4. Set Service to Twitch and click on Connect Account for the quickest setup.
  5. Log in to Twitch with your username and password. …
  6. If you don’t want to connect your account directly, you can link Twitch to OBS via a stream key.

Is OBS good for low end PC?

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at a powerful streaming setup don’t worry. You can still have a great quality stream even with a low end PC.

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