What news do Voltimand and Cornelius bring back from Norway and what request does Norway make of Claudius?

What news do Cornelius and Voltimand bring from Norway?

Polonius returns with Ambassadors Voltemand and Cornelius. They bring news from Norway that the old and ailing king, brother to the slain King Fortinbras, has managed to restrain his nephew, young Fortinbras, from invading Denmark.

What request does Norway make of Claudius?

In Hamlet, Norway asks Claudius to allow his armies to make safe passage through Denmark.

What news do Messengers bring to King Claudius from Norway what request does the king of Norway make of King Claudius?

What news did the messengers bring from Norway? What request does the King of Norway make of Claudius? The king of Norway will redirect his attack towards Poland. Can his army go through Denmark?

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What is the news from Norway in Hamlet?

The news from Norway, in Hamelt, is that the old king (the brother of the now dead Fortinbras) has managed to keep the nephew (also named Fortinbras) from invading Denmark. In return he is asking that Fortinbras be allowed to pass through on his way to Poland.

What news does Claudius receive regarding Norway and Fortinbras and how does he respond?

King Claudius responds to the threat of war from Norway, by sending a message to the uncle of the king of Fortinbras informing him of young Fortinbras’ mission and in that he is using war supplies from Norway’s subjects, and to stop young Fortinbras from moving further.

What is Polonius’s conclusion about Hamlet?

What is Polonius’s conclusion about Hamlet? He concludes that Hamlet really does love Ophelia and he wasn’t just toying her.

What news do Cornelius and Voltemand bring back from Norway How does King Claudius react?

What new does Voltemand bring from Norway? He reports that Fortinbras is going to back off from attacking Norway; he is going to attack Poland instead. He will, however, need to pass through Denmark at some point.

What is the content of the dispatches Claudius had sent?

What is the content of the dispatches Claudius has sent with Voltemand and Cornelius to the King of Norway? He wants the King to know young Fortinbras wants a war with Denmark.

Who killed Fortinbras father?

Fortinbras. The young Prince of Norway, whose father the king (also named Fortinbras) was killed by Hamlet’s father (also named Hamlet). Now Fortinbras wishes to attack Denmark to avenge his father’s honor, making him another foil for Prince Hamlet.

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Why does Claudius send messengers to Norway?

He wants to reclaim the land that his father lost to King Hamlet. He wants to fight the King of Denmark and go to war to get them back. He has gathered men from different areas of Norway to help him.

What news does Horatio bring?

What news does Horatio bring Hamlet? He tells him that he has seen his father’s ghost.

Why does the king send Voltimand and Cornelius to Norway?

The reason that Claudius is sending them to Norway is to ask the King of Norway for his help. … Fortinbras is angry at Denmark because the old king Hamlet killed Fortinbras’s father, who was king of Norway. In order to get revenge, Fortinbras is gathering troops and planning to attack Denmark.

What Happens in Hamlet act2?

Act II. Polonius sends a spy, Reynaldo, to France to keep an eye on Laertes. … Polonius, certain that Hamlet is madly in love with Ophelia and that it was Ophelia’s rejection that put him in this state, decides to meet the king to concoct a plan to spy on Hamlet in conversation with Ophelia.

How does Hamlet plan Claudius’s guilt?

Explain Hamlet’s plan to test Claudius’s guilt/innocence. Hamlet asked the actors of a play to add in a part of the play he wrote that told the story of his fathers death, exactly the way the ghost told Hamlet that Claudius had done it.

What is Polonius’s role at court?

Polonius calls himself an `assistant for a state´ [II. ii. 168]. And he has indeed the function of a counsellor at the court of Claudius, which is among others shown by his again and again giving Claudius advice concerning Hamlet.

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