What wildlife is in Norway?

Terrestrial mammals on mainland Norway include the European hedgehog, six species of shrews and ten of bats. The European rabbit, the European hare and the mountain hare all live here as do the Eurasian beaver, the red squirrel and the brown rat as well as about fifteen species of smaller rodent.

Does Norway have poisonous animals?

Norway has one venomous snake which could be a hazard to walkers. This is the European Adder (hoggorm) which has a distinctive v shaped pattern on its back. The adder can be found all over Norway except the Arctic and its bite is rarely life threatening.

Are there tigers in Norway?

Norway does not have lions or tigers – but there are bears in the Øvre Pasvik National Park, a thin sliver of land just south of the harbour town of Kirkenes and surrounded by Finnish and Russian forested territory.

Are there wild bears in Norway?

Other than polar bears, Norway has a small brown bear population as well, on the mainland. Polar bears in Norway are found on Svalbard – and Svalbard only. So, let’s dive a bit deeper into this Arctic archipelago.

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What is the largest predator in Norway?

Polar Bear

However, despite their endangered status and often lovable depiction, polar bears are probably the most dangerous animals in Norway. The largest bear species on earth, adult male polar bears can weigh over 700kg and stand up to 11ft tall on their hind legs.

Are there crocodiles in Norway?

And in northern Norway, the home of our guest author Stefan Leimer, a special species has settled in, but is slow to get moving because of the tentative start to spring: marsh or Indian crocodiles. … Even though the waders arrived punctually in mid-March on Vesteralen, symbolising the beginning of spring on the island.

Are wolves in Norway?

There’ s no longer any doubt—the wolves found in Norway and Sweden today are actually Finnish, according to extensive studies done on their genetic makeup. Humans wiped out Norway’s original wolf population in the wild around 1970.

Does Norway have predators?

Are There Predators in Norway? Yes. Recognized wildlife predators live in Norway, including brown bears, polar bears, Eurasian lynxes, wolverines — which can take down animals twice its size — and wolves.

Are there foxes in Norway?

Year round, the arctic fox lives on Norway’s mountains and in the Arctic, even when the day consists of considerably more darkness than light, the wind howls and the temperature creeps far down the thermometer. … As the north warms, several species are moving into the arctic fox’s habitat.

Are rabbits native to Norway?

In Norway, there are two national rabbit breeds, Trønderrabbit and white “country race”. The Trønder rabbit is a very rare rabbit breed today and there are only a few animals left. … Hannemo in Trondheim that around 1916-1918 started its systematic breeding.

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Does Norway have big spiders?

, a Scandinavian. Spiders are abundant in Scandinavia, all the way north to Finnmark in Norway. This guy(?), the “giant house spider” (Tegenaria atrica), is frequently found in basements throughout Scandinavia, and is the second biggest spider species in Norway.

Do snakes live in Norway?

The Kingdom of Norway is home to several species of reptiles and amphibians, despite its cold climate.


Scientific Name Norwegian Common Name Picture
Natrix natrix Buorm
Vipera berus Huggorm This snake is venomous but its bite is rarely fatal to humans.

Are there Wolverines in Norway?

Today wolverines are found mainly in mountainous areas in south-central Norway and along the Norwegian-Swedish border from Hedmark county northwards.

Does Norway have black bears?

The majority of the population is located along the border with Sweden, Finland, and Russia, but some bears roam through the forests and can be seen anywhere in mainland Norway.

Does Norway have raccoons?

This is clearly a species that is highly undesirable in the Norwegian countryside.” Though native to North America, raccoons have had no problem adjusting to life in Germany, where there is already a population of some half a million.

Does Norway have moose or elk?

Two of the most easily found animal species in Norway are elk and reindeer. … Although called ‘Elg’ in Norwegian, the moose found in Norway (Alces alces) is a different species than the American elk.