Your question: Is cash still accepted in Sweden?

Can I pay with cash in Sweden?

Can I use cash in Sweden? Yes, but not all shops, vendors and such accept cash as payment anymore, so a mix of cash and a credit/debit card is recommended. Read the answers from Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden’s central bank) for frequently asked questions about notes and coins.

Is Sweden going cashless?

More and more Swedes are going cashless

From 2010 to 2020 the proportion of Swedes using cash has fallen from 39 to 9 per cent, according to Sweden’s central bank, the Riksbank. … According to Eurostat, 84 per cent of the Swedish population made purchases online in 2020, putting the country among the top in Europe.

Is cash legal tender in Sweden?

Under Swedish law, cash is legal tender and the Swedish government must accept it. (5 kap. 1 § Lagen om Sveriges riksbank (SFS 1988:1385).)

Can you use cash in Stockholm?

Cash is used in Sweden but a lot less than in other countries in Europe like Spain or Germany. Some places are starting to call themselves cashfree and do not accept cash payments at all. This is for instance the case with public transportation in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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Does Sweden still use krona?

This monetary union lasted until 1914, when it was brought to an end by World War I. As of 2014, the names of the currencies in each country have remained unchanged (“krona” in Sweden, “krone” in Norway and Denmark).

Does Sweden have paper money?

In English, the currency is sometimes referred to as the Swedish crown, as krona literally means “crown” in Swedish.

Swedish krona
Freq. used 20 kr, 50 kr, 100 kr, 200 kr, 500 kr
Rarely used 1000 kr
Coins 1, 2, 5, 10 kr

What country doesn’t use cash?

In 2023, Sweden is proudly becoming the first cashless nation in the world, with an economy that goes 100 percent digital. Currently, about 80 percent of Swedes use cards with 58 percent of payments being made by card and only six percent made in cash, according to the Swedish Central Bank.

Which countries are currently cashless?

Canada was named the world’s most cashless country, with a score of 79.1 per cent (out of 100) , followed by Hong Kong (76.8 per cent) and Singapore (76.2 per cent).

Is money going to disappear?

Although paper-based currencies are becoming less popular, they will likely stick around for the foreseeable future. Dollars and cents may become harder to use, but as with many obsolete technologies, there are enough users to ensure demand doesn’t disappear completely.

Can I use USD in Sweden?

Similarly, other currencies such as the Euro aren’t commonly accepted in Sweden outside of the seriously touristy areas. If you try to spend Euros, you’re likely to be hit by a poor exchange rate – and U.S. dollars aren’t generally accepted anywhere.

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Can you pay with euros in Sweden?

For the most part, euros are not accepted in Sweden. However, you can spend them at tourist shops in Stockholm and at some hotels – usually those owned by big international chains. If you need to send money to or from Sweden, we recommend using Transferwise.

What is the best currency to use in Sweden?

Krona is the best currency to take to Sweden.

Businesses are likely to factor conversion costs into their prices. So you could end up paying a worse rate in foreign currency like the Euro than if you used Sweden’s local money.