Best answer: Are monkeys legal in Denmark?

Can you own a monkey in Denmark?

Only zoos and approved organs, institutes and centres may be allowed to import primates, rodents of non-domestic species and squirrels, and it will require an import permit from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

What exotic pets are legal in Denmark?

You are generaly allowed to import hares, rabbits, finches ,chinchillas, and canaries provided they have been under your possession for at least the past six months. Taking more exotic species like parrots, tarantulas and tortoises will need special permissions. Some animals are not allowed into Denmark.

Is it legal to own a fox in Denmark?

In Denmark and in the Netherlands, all species of fox, including native species, are legal without the need of a license. Importation is also permitted.

Is Denmark pet friendly?

We welcome everyone, two legged and four legged, Denmark is a dog-friendly country. … The top of Denmark has a large selection animal friendly holiday homes and apartments. The majority of these are near the oceans and the many beaches of northern Jutland. Some of these even have a pool and/or wellness area.

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What Animals Can you own in Denmark?

Pet animals in Denmark are defined as:

  • Dogs, cats and ferrets.
  • Birds (except poultry)
  • Domestic rabbits and rodents.
  • Reptiles and amphibians.
  • Invertebrates (except bees and crustaceans)
  • Ornamental tropical fish.

Who is pet in Denmark?

Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET) (literally: Police Intelligence Service, official name in English: Danish Security and Intelligence Service, or DSIS) is the national security and intelligence agency of Denmark.

What is the deadliest animal in Denmark?

According to the Danish Nature Agency, the wood tick is the most dangerous animal in Denmark. Ticks can carry the borrelia bacteria, which can cause Lyme disease if left untreated.

What animals is Denmark known for?

Unique animals like polar bears, walruses, Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, collared lemmings, Greenland wolves, and seals all reside within the massive confines of the park. Visitors can also find great northern divers, barnacles geese, king eiders, gyrfalcons, and snowy owls.

Are ferrets legal in Denmark?

Pet animals are defined by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as: Dogs, cats and ferrets. Please note that it is illegal to own or breed pit bull terriers or Tosas in Denmark.

Where is it legal to have a monkey?

Pet Monkeys Allowed

Currently, Washington state, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have no restrictions on keeping monkeys as pets.

Can you have pet snakes in Denmark?

Yes, it is illegal. Snakes are a protected species.

How much alcohol can I bring to Denmark?

To Denmark, can be imported up to 300 cigarettes, 10 liters of strong drinks and 110 liters of beer. You have to declare customs duties for bringing more than EUR 10,000 in cash. It is important to note that only adults can carry such quantities of cigarettes or alcoholic products to Denmark.

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Does Denmark allow pit bulls?

There are 13 banned breeds in Denmark, including pit bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers. … The 13 banned breeds were first introduced to Danish legislation in 2010, although pit bulls and tosa inu (and their cross-breeds) have been banned since 1991.

How do I own a dog in Denmark?

To adopt a dog from the shelter, you have to visit the dog you like and take it for a walk more than once. Then you will have to fill out an approval form and the staff will talk to you, and after a week from turning in the form you will get your answer. You will have to pay about 375$ for a dog.

What are Danish dogs?

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog (DSF) or Dansk-svensk gårdshund dog breed is also known as Danish Pinscher. These dogs come from Denmark and southern Sweden. … These dogs are known for being gentle and calm, which makes them suitable for families, as well as hunters.