Best answer: How do you say 3 in Danish?

How do you count to 3 in Danish?

Counting From Zero To Twenty In Danish

  1. Zero — nul.
  2. Two — to.
  3. Three — tre.
  4. Four — fire.
  5. Five — fem.
  6. Six — seks.
  7. Seven — syv.
  8. Eight — otte.

How do you say numbers in Danish?

To count up to twenty is easy in Danish. After twenty you read the numbers ‘backwards’, so instead of saying twenty one you say: one-and-twenty. Instead of saying fifty six you say: six-and-fifty.

Why are Danish numbers so weird?

One such subject is counting in Danish numbers, because Danes count in something called vigesimal – which is basically counting in twenties rather than tens (not dissimilar to the French). … Swedish and Norwegian follows a logic structure of counting: 10 in Swedish is Tio. Twenty is Tjugo.

How do Danish numbers work?

Danish numbering rules

From thirteen to nineteen, the numbers are formed from the matching unit digits, adding a form of the word for ten (ten) at the end: tretten [13], fjorten [14], femten [15], seksten [16], sytten [17], atten [18], and nitten [19].

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How do you say 97 in Danish?

So 97 would simply be “nonante-sept”, like ninety-seven.

How do you write thousands in Danish?

Anna: Okay, in Danish “thousand” is “tusind”. To say multiples of a thousand, add one of the numbers from 1 to 9 before “tusind”. The rule is the same as with “hundred”. So one thousand is “et tusind” and so on.

How do you say goodnight in Danish?

Good night. Godnat (good’hnad).

How do you greet someone in Danish?

The Simplest Danish Greeting: Hej!

With hej, you’re always on the safe side in Denmark. Pronounced just like “hi” in English, this is the simplest and most common way to greet someone in Danish.

What does Danish sound like to foreigners?

Spoken Danish sounds like a softened, more melodious version of German; I initially feel I should be able to understand Danish speech, if the speakers would articulate more carefully, not leaving out or slurring some of the German sounds and not so often raising the pitch on certain syllables.

What is country code for Denmark?

Numbers beginning with 20-31 are preferably mobile numbers, those beginning with 70 and 72-79 are preferably landline numbers, and so on.

What month is Maj in Danish?

Months in Danish

January januar
March marts
April april
May maj
June juni