Do people feel safe in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a relatively safe city and is safer on many levels than other European or American cities. However, it is still a city, and you must take precautions for your own safety and security.

Is Copenhagen safe for tourists?

Generally speaking, Copenhagen is considered an extremely safe city to visit. It is a city with almost no risk of natural disasters and unlike most other European capitals, the crime rates here are average and common sense should keep you out of any trouble.

Why is Copenhagen so safe?

In the report, Copenhagen Mayor Lars Weiss said: “One key factor that makes Copenhagen such a safe city is its low crime rate, currently at its lowest level in more than a decade. … He added: “Copenhagen is also characterised by great social cohesion and a relatively narrow wealth gap.

Is Copenhagen safe 2021?

A new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) found that Copenhagen is now the world’s safest city. Surpassing previous frontrunners Tokyo, Singapore, and Osaka, Copenhagen now ranks highest in the Safe Cities Index 2021 with 82.4 points out of 100.

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Is Copenhagen a bad place?

InterNations have released their latest Expat City Ranking and it is not an especially enjoyable read for Copenhageners. The city placed 46th overall, but landed particularly low in measures of cost of living and settling in.

Is it safe to walk in Copenhagen at night?

1. Re: Is Copenhagen safe to walk at night? Yes – very safe. Speaking as a female I never any concerns about moving at around the city alone, day or night.

What should I avoid in Denmark?

12 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Denmark

  • Jaywalking. …
  • Don’t Ride a Bike Before Getting Familiar with the Rules. …
  • Don’t Drink and Bike-Ride. …
  • Don’t Assume Weed is Legal. …
  • The Rules of Pusher Street. …
  • Don’t Interact with Danes’ Dogs. …
  • Don’t Take (Only) Flip-Flops to Denmark. …
  • Trying out your Danish Skills.

Is Copenhagen the safest city?

This year, the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, has been deemed as the newest safest city in the world. To establish this conclusion, the Economist Intelligence Unit cross referenced 60 cities with 76 indicators, covering five main areas ranging from health security to environmental initiatives.

Is there a lot of crime in Copenhagen?

The total gang membership in Denmark is approximately 1,400. … In 2019, there were thirteen explosions that occurred in the Copenhagen area, all attributed to criminal gang violence. This was in addition to the rising number of gang-related incidents involving firearms and knife attacks over the past several years.

Is Denmark safe at night?

Crime. Crime levels are generally low, but pickpockets and bag-snatchers operate in crowded areas mainly around Copenhagen. … Pickpockets are also known to operate inside Kastrup airport. You should take extra care in Christiania and Nørrebro, particularly late at night.

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Is Copenhagen safe for solo female travelers?

Copenhagen is an extremely safe travel destination for solo female travelers. You can walk around freely at all hours of the day and most places even at night. … No city can be 100% safe, but Copenhagen comes close.

What is world safest city?

Copenhagen has been named the world’s safest city for the first time, scoring 82.4 points out of 100 in the annual report.

What is crime like in Denmark?


STAT Denmark
Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 12 Ranked 52nd.
Intentional homicide rate 0.85 Ranked 42nd.
Murder rate 47 Ranked 88th.
Murder rate per million people 8.51 Ranked 104th.

Where should I not live in Copenhagen?

There are just four specific areas in Copenhagen to avoid if you want to feel safe. The Meat Packing District, also known as Kødbyen, is close to Copenhagen’s central train station, Blågårds Plads and Mjølnerparken in Nørrebro and a small area around Gothersgade and Borgergade in the city centre.

What are the bad areas of Copenhagen?

There are six disadvantaged areas in Copenhagen, parts of which are characterised by a number of social and physical challenges greater than those found in the rest of Copenhagen. The six areas are located in Nørrebro, Amager/Sundby, Bispebjerg, Vesterbro/Sydhavnen, Husum/Tingbjerg and Valby/Vigerslev.

How much do you need to earn to live in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has a high standard of living with an average income per person at USD $3,200 monthly. This means that the cost of living is relatively lower than other European cities such as London or Paris. A single person’s monthly costs are around $1200, excluding rent.

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