Frequent question: How do you spell girl in Swedish?

girl → flicka, brud, flickvän, tjej, tös, jänta, dotter.

What is Swedish for little girl?

little girl → tjej, jänta, tös, flickebarn, flicka.

What is Japp in Swedish?

Swedish Word: Japp! English Meaning: Yep!

What does beautiful girl mean in Swedish?

Swedish Translation. vacker tjej. More Swedish words for beautiful girl. vacker flicka noun. beautiful girl, lovely.

What does FON mean in Swedish?

• fön. → hair dryerhand hairdryer.

What language is Japp?

Jaap Sahib

by Guru Gobind Singh
Original title Jaap
Language Gurmukhi
Subject(s) Eulogy of Almighty
Genre(s) Religion

How do you compliment a girl in Swedish?

Giving compliments in Swedish can be a bit tricky.

Compliments in Swedish.

English Swedish
You look nice. Vad fin du är.
You are funny. Du är rolig.
I love your laughter/smile. Jag älskar ditt skratt/leende.
You have such beautiful eyes. Du har så vackra ögon.

What does Du Ar Sot mean?

You are so cute you. 16:00 May 10, 2002. Swedish to English translations [Non-PRO] Swedish term or phrase: pluttunge! du ar sot du.

How do you say goodnight in Swedish?

“goodnight” in Swedish

  1. volume_up god natt.
  2. godnatt.
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