How competitive is Uppsala University?

Is it hard to get into Uppsala University?

The admission rate range is 70-80% making this Swedish higher education organization a somewhat selective institution. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

Is Uppsala University competitive?

University ranking.

Being a number one university in Sweden, Uppsala University greets the applicants with a fierce competition. … The university is one of the best when it comes to the quality of education, ranking in the top 100 in international rankings.

How prestigious is Uppsala University?

Uppsala University is one of the most prominent universities in the Nordic countries and is commonly ranked within the top 100 in the world by several ranking agencies. For example, for over ten years, it has been ranked among the 80 best universities in the world the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

What GPA do you need for Uppsala University?

Prerequisites: Minimum 3.0 GPA. Room and Board: Exchange students can choose a room in one of several residence halls.

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What is the easiest university to get into in Sweden?

Universities in Sweden with High Acceptance Rate

  1. Uppsala University. Average acceptance rate: 80% …
  2. Malmö University. Average acceptance rate: 35% …
  3. Lund University. Average acceptance rate: 34% …
  4. Stockholm University. Average acceptance rate: 24% …
  5. University of Gothenburg. Average admission rate: 12% …
  6. Karolinska Institute.

What is the acceptance rate for Uppsala University?

Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

Students are selected based on entrance examinations and their past academic record and grade. Furthermore, the acceptance rate of the Uppsala University is 75%.

What is Uppsala University famous for?

Welcome to Sweden and Uppsala University Uppsala University is a comprehensive international research university dedicated to advancing science, scholarship, and higher education. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Eight scientists at the university have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

Why is Uppsala famous?

Uppsala is one of Sweden’s oldest cities. It was known as Östra Aros up until the 13th century, when the name Uppsala took over. Today, Uppsala is one of Sweden’s four major cities and is world renowned for its universities, its magnificent cathedral and the legacy of Carl Linnaeus, among other things.

Can I use SL card in Uppsala?

SL is Stockholm’s public transport company and Ul is Uppsala’s public transport company. If you want to travel two with pendeltåg, you need to have both SL and UL ticket.

Does Uppsala University teach in English?

Uppsala University offers a substantial selection of Master’s programmes taught in English. They are normally open to both foreign and Swedish students with a Bachelor’s degree (a Swedish Kandidatexamen) or an equivalent degree.

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What is the oldest University in Sweden?

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden and began with a strong emphasis on theology and just 50 students. Its historical background is juxtaposed with its now very modern campuses in the city of Uppsala.

How many students are in Uppsala University?

To be admitted as a Master’s student at Uppsala University, applicants must meet the general and programme-specific entry requirements. General entry requirements include: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an internationally recognised university. Sufficient knowledge of written and spoken English.

Can I study in Sweden without ielts?

Students with 60 ECTS credits or the credits equivalent to it from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland where English was the language of instruction of the course, can study in universities of Sweden without giving IELTS. The language of instruction must be clearly mentioned on all the official documents.

Do grades matter in Sweden?

The grades most often used at universities in Sweden are fail (underkänt), pass (godkänt) and pass with distinction (väl godkänt). Every university or university college may choose a different grading system.