How much money do surgeons make in Sweden?

The highest salary for a Surgeon in Sweden is SEK 876,230 per year. What is the lowest salary for a Surgeon in Sweden? The lowest salary for a Surgeon in Sweden is SEK 876,230 per year.

What is a good salary in Sweden?

A family of four, living in the city center of Stockholm, Sweden’s most expensive city, can comfortably live on a salary of about 23,000 SEK (2,400 USD) per month. For a single expat in the same city, a good salary would be 12,800 SEK (1,300 USD) monthly.

How much do neurosurgeons make in Sweden?

The average pay for a Neurosurgeon is SEK 2,598,333 a year and SEK 1,249 an hour in Orebro, Sweden. The average salary range for a Neurosurgeon is between SEK 1,558,668 and SEK 4,089,524. On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for a Neurosurgeon.

Are Swedish salaries high?

In 2019, banking, finance and insurance managers working at a higher level earned an average salary of roughly 143.3 thousand Swedish kronor. … Financial brokers got the second highest salary, amouting to 102.6 thousand kronor.

How much does a surgical tech make in Sweden?

Swedish Salary FAQs

The salary starts at $50,272 per year and goes up to $50,713 per year for the highest level of seniority.

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Why is Sweden so rich?

How did Sweden get so rich? Sweden only started to really accumulate wealth as it started to industrialise sometime in the mid-19th century. … Through luck and well-placed geography, Sweden had the kind of natural resources (iron ore and wood) needed when countries like Britain and Germany industrialised.

Is Sweden expensive compared to UK?

United Kingdom is 77.6% more expensive than Sweden.

How much does a neurosurgeon make in Switzerland?

The average salary for a Neurosurgeon is 203,473 Fr. 6 Fr. – 679k Fr.

What is the highest paid job in Sweden?

The best paid positions in Sweden

  • 77,299 SEK.
  • 75,171 SEK.
  • Sailor Transport, Haulage, Logistics. …
  • Head of the Legal Department Management. 74,109 SEK.
  • Logistics Director Top Management. 73,581 SEK.
  • Call Centre Director Top Management. 73,252 SEK.
  • IT Manager Management. 73,231 SEK.
  • IT Architect Information Technology. 71,999 SEK.

What job is good in Sweden?

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Sweden

  • Lawyer.
  • Bank manager. …
  • Chief executive officer. …
  • Chief financial officer. …
  • Orthodontist. …
  • College professor. Average monthly salary: 80,600 SEK (£6,960/ $9,500) …
  • Pilot. Average monthly salary: 67,100 SEK (£5,800/ $8,000) …
  • Marketing director. Average monthly salary: 60,400 SEK (£5,200/ $7,100) …

What is the most popular job in Sweden?

The most common occupation in Sweden was “assistant nurses, home care and homes for the elderly”. Women accounted for 91 percent and men accounted for 9 percent of people with this occupation.