Is Absolut the only distillery in Sweden?

What’s more, Absolut is also made exclusively with grain from southern Sweden. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the Swedish distilling culture begins and ends with Absolut. The following three distilleries are worth a visit if you want to taste what Sweden is all about.

What is unique about Absolut vodka distillery?

CO2 neutral distillation

By continuously improving and keeping focus on how we can be more sustainable we have made our distillery one of the most energy-efficient in the world*. Today, we have CO2 neutral distillation**; a fact we are very proud of.

Is vodka popular in Sweden?

Absolut Vodka is produced in Southern Sweden and is sold and known all over the world. … It is now the most popular vodka in Sweden. Absolut. Absolut (without an ‘e’) is the third largest spirits company in the world, third only behind Bacardi and Smirnoff.

How much does Absolut vodka cost in Sweden?


NV Absolut Juice Apple 750ml Producer: Absolut Country: Sweden | Type: Vodka Price: $23.99 Availability: 1
NV Absolut Lime Vodka 750ml Producer: Absolut Country: Sweden | Type: Vodka Price: $29.99
NV Absolut Mandrin Vodka 750ml Producer: Absolut Country: Sweden | Type: Vodka Price: $29.99
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What country is Absolut vodka made in?

One source is our production philosophy, meaning that every aspect of our production journey takes place in and around the small village of Åhus, Sweden. All ingredients for Absolut Vodka are sourced from southern Sweden.

Why is Absolut called Absolut?

The brand’s original name translated to “Absolutely Pure Vodka” In 1879, old L.O. Smith introduced the world to “Absolut Rent Brannvin,” or “Absolutely Pure Vodka,” in homage to his prized liquor’s immaculate constitution. Since that whole thing was kind of a mouthful, the name was quickly shortened to Absolut.

Is Absolut vodka made in Sweden?

Absolut is quintessentially Swedish vodka. It is manufactured in the southern Swedish region of ‘Scania’ (Skåne in Swedish), and more specifically, in the small towns of Nöbbelöv and Åhus. What’s more, Absolut is also made exclusively with grain from southern Sweden.

What alcohol is Sweden known for?

The main Swedish specialty is brännvin (literally “burn-wine”), liquor distilled from fermented grain or potatoes. Vodka is the highest grade of brännvin, with brands like Absolut Vodka and Explorer Vodka. Brännvin seasoned with herbs is known as akvavit.

How do they drink vodka in Sweden?

Swedes, being a part of the so-called “vodka belt” that extends right across Eastern Europe, typically prefer to enjoy their vodka neat, chilled, or over ice and generally make their vodka to a high enough degree of quality in order to make this possible.

Is Absolut vodka made from potatoes?

That is, all vodka was made from potatoes, with one notable exception. Absolut vodka was a brand dating to 1879, named for being “absolutely pure.” The brand was resurected by Vin & Sprit for its centennial anniversary, and in 1979 was made from grains rather than potatoes.

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Do Swedes drink a lot of alcohol?

To sum things up, Swedes have an ambivalent relationship to alcohol and drinking. They often drink either nothing at all or a lot. Alcohol and drinking is a big topic in the Swedish society.

What is Swedish Saft?

In many Scandinavian languages, saft is simply the word for juice, but in Sweden, “saft” has acquired a special meaning. It is used specifically to refer to a very sweet, fruity juice concentrate, which is blended with water and ice to make refreshing cool drinks.

How good is Absolut Vodka?

Based on 8 votes, the average rating for Absolut Vodka is 6.8/10. Top reviews for Absolut Vodka: ― A small step above Sobieski for about 15 dollars more. Absolut Vodka which is carefully distilled at Absolut is adored for its fruit, caramel, vanilla and wheat flavor notes.

How many standards is 700ml Absolut Vodka?

Absolut Raspberri Vodka 700ml

Country Sweden
Type Vodka
Alcohol Volume 40.0%
Size 700ml
Standard Drinks 22