Is Norway specific or diffuse?

According to specific versus diffuse dimension, Norway is among the countries with an explicit culture assuming a rigid distinction of public and private spaces of an individual. … The Spanish culture is a diffuse one and characterized by the integration of public and private spaces.

Is Norway universalism or particularism?

The Great Debate: Norwegian culture is universalist, individualist and achievement-oriented vs Norwegian culture is particularist, communitarian, and ascription-oriented.

Is Sweden specific or diffuse?

It is a metaphor for the Neutral versus the Affective, in combination with the Specific versus the Diffuse (3rd and 4th dimensions, page 13). Americans tend to be Specific and Affective, which translates as enjoying other people, whereas Swedes are Diffuse and Neutral, which translates into esteem of other people.

Is America specific or diffuse?

Typical specific cultures include the U.S., the U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands. Typical diffuse cultures include Argentina, Spain, Russia, India, and China.

What is diffuse culture?

This dimension refers to how people communicate and interact with one another in their society. Diffuse cultures accept, understand and prefer indirect communication that may carefully use contextual clues to convey understanding. …

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Is Norway neutral or affective?

Neutral versus emotional culture criterion shows that Norway is among the countries with a neutral culture, the representatives of which do not show their feelings, stoically suffering difficulties. Some extent of restraint is usually a sign of attentiveness on the matter instead of the lack of interest.

What is the difference between affective and neutral?

People with an Affective orientation use a wider range of facial expressions and physical gestures during everyday conversation. People with a Neutral orientation strive to control their emotions. … Statements are often emotional and dramatic and may often be exaggerated simply to make a point.

Is Australia neutral or emotional?

Knowing whether a culture is emotional or neutral is especially helpful in preparing for cross cultural negotiation, as well as managing a multicultural workforce.

Getting Angry at Work: Affective and Neutral Cultures.

NEUTRAL Portugal Denmark
Australia Greece Kuwait
Nigeria Germany

Is Russia neutral or emotional?

Neutral / Affective

People from the US tend to be more neutral, while people from Russia are more affective. 77% of Russians will show their emotions openly, but only 57% of Americans will do so.

Is Switzerland neutral or emotional?

Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland and China are examples of highly affective cultures. Japan, Britain and Singapore are examples of highly neutral cultures.

Is India specific or diffuse?

India is considered a moderate to high collectivistic culture with very strong family values. Neutral VS Emotional – People are open about happiness or sadness, problems, and joys, and tend to be surrounded by family or friends. Specific VS Diffuse India is a relatively diffuse culture.

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Is China neutral or emotional?

Countries with high communitarianism include Germany, China, France, Japan, and Singapore. Neutral vs. Emotional A neutral culture is a culture in which emotions are held in check whereas an emotional culture is a culture in which emotions are expressed openly and naturally.

Is Brazil universalist or particularist?

In Brazil (and much of Latin America), they have plenty of time. It’s the same solar system, of course, so as a matter of fact Brazilians only have 24 hours in their day too, but that’s not a problem because Brazil is what is called a “particularist” culture.

What is specific diffuse?

Specific: A company exists to perform, in an efficient way, certain functions and duties. Companies hire people to perform these functions, with the help of machines and equipment. Based on this, people are remunerated. Diffuse: A company is made up of a group of people that work together.

What is an example of cultural diffusion?

The definition of cultural diffusion is the spread of the beliefs and social activities of one culture to different ethnicities, religions, nationalities, etc. An example of cultural diffusion is the tradition of the German Christmas pickle becoming popular in the United States.

What are different examples of cultural diffusion?

An example of cultural diffusion would be the widespread adoption of the use of a cell phone (and often a smartphone) across many different countries and cultures. It is important for someone to consider his or her own cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion has shaped many different cultures.