Question: Where are potatoes grown in Norway?

Potatoes are grown all over Norway, including in the most northern county Finnmark, despite its latitude of 70 N. Common varieties grown in Norway are Saturna, Asterix, Mandel, Folva, and Beate.

Do potatoes grow in Norway?

Today 300 000 tons of potatoes are grown in Norway every year. The potato is in fact the third most important basic food in the world, and only rice and corn (wheat) being more important. Historically the basic crop has saved us from hunger during bad times.

Are potatoes popular in Norway?

A Nordic staple, potatoes get flavorful treatment in this fresh, creamy salad. Potatoes. What could be more Norwegian than that? Although the potato has lost some of its stronghold in Norwegian cuisine as Norwegians’ taste buds are becoming more international, it is still a huge part of our diet.

Do Norwegians like potatoes?

Norwegians do eat far less potatoes now than in the past. In 1959, the average Norwegian consumed about 88 kilos of potatoes a year. By 2007, this number had fallen to 22 kilo annually per person. “Personally, I believe that the potato will always remain a staple of the Norwegian diet.

When did potatoes come to Scandinavia?

FYI: Potatoes first came to Sweden in 1655, but it wasn’t until the mid-1700’s that they were widely planted, harvested and eaten.

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Why are potatoes popular in Norway?

Alcohol and famine contributed to the potato’s popularity. For 250 years this root vegetable has saved Norwegians from hunger and scurvy. Not even modern diet fads, such as various low-carb diets, can wean the average Norwegian off the humble spud.

Why were potatoes so popular in Europe?

Throughout Europe, the most important new food in the 19th century was the potato, which had three major advantages over other foods for the consumer: its lower rate of spoilage, its bulk (which easily satisfied hunger) and its cheapness.

Why are potatoes famous?

The potato produces more food on less land faster than any other major food crop and, as a result, potato crops are an excellent alternative for farmers who need to feed growing populations with limited areas of crop land. One hectare of potatoes can yield a crop with a food value of more than four hectares of grain.

Does Thailand have potatoes?

Potatoes are mostly produced in the north of Thailand, in either double cropping highland zones or as a single winter crop in lowland regions.

What was the flaw of the Irish in their potato farming?

The famine was a devastating moment in Ireland’s history, when the failure of the potato crop led to mass hunger during the mid-19th century. What caused the crop failure? The potatoes were struck by a disease called blight, which is caused by the fungus-like organism named Phytophthora infestans.