What guns can you own in Sweden?

A Swede may be given a license to own up to six hunting rifles, ten pistols or a combination of eight rifles and pistols. There would need to be a valid reason for ownership of more firearms. It is stipulated that all firearms are to be stored/kept in an approved gun safe.

Can you own an AR 15 in Sweden?

AR-15 style weapons never been legal in Sweden. Swedish gun laws only allow hunting or competition weapons,and only to licensed owners. The closest to AR-15 that’s allowed for civil use in Sweden,is M-1 Garands,but only for wild boar hunting.

Can you own a Glock in Sweden?

This is highly illegal in Sweden. If you go to a gun store with the hopes of buying a weapon “for protection” not only will you not be able to buy a gun, but you will probably be put on a blacklist to be prohibited to ever buy a gun. Gun ownership in Sweden is for hunting or sports only.

Does everyone own a gun in Sweden?

In contrast to the US and other countries globally, a significant proportion of Swedes own firearms in respect to Sweden gun laws. Sweden sits among the world’s top countries with the highest guns owned per capita at about 23 per 100 population.

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Can you own a pistol in Sweden?

Sweden licenses guns in much the same way we license cars and drivers. You can have up to six guns but can get more with special permission. To apply for a firearm permit you must first take a year-long hunter training program and pass a written and shooting test.

Can you own a gun in Norway?

Gun ownership is restricted in Norway, unless one has officially documented a use for the gun. By far the most common grounds for civilian ownership are hunting and sports shooting, in that order.

Are bows legal in Sweden?

So bow hunting has been illegal in Sweden since 1938. The only reason it was ever made illegal was because so few actually took part in this style of hunting, that when they decided to look over current hunting legislation, they just plain removed the bow as an allowed hunting weapon.

Can you own a gun in Russia?

Overview. As of 2013 Russian citizens over 18 years of age can obtain a firearms license after attending gun-safety classes and passing a federal test and background check. Firearms may be acquired for self-defense, hunting, or sports activities, as well as for collection purposes.

Is it legal to own a gun in Taiwan?

Taiwan and Indonesia have the lowest gun ownership rates possible, with zero civilian firearms per 100 people. Guns, however, are not banned in either of these countries. Taiwan only allows shotguns, handguns, and regular rifles, and a background check and license are required for all guns.

How many Swedes own guns?

Ranking by country for civilian-held firearms per 100 population. Small Arms Survey 2017.

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Country or subnational area Estimate of firearms in civilian possession
19 Switzerland 2,332,000
20 New Zealand 1,212,000
21 Kosovo 436,000
22 Sweden 2,296,000

Can I bring my gun to Sweden?

Nordic citizens

It is sufficient that you file a firearms declaration via the Internet at Swedish Customs when entering and exiting Sweden. You always have to bring your weapon license from your home country or a European firearms pass.

Do Swedes like guns?

Sweden is not anti-gun. In fact, Sweden has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world (although still behind the United States). Hunting is an important part of Swedish culture and recreational life.

Are guns allowed in Switzerland?

Firearms regulation in Switzerland allows the acquisition of semi-automatic, and – with a may-issue permit – fully automatic firearms, by Swiss citizens and foreigners with or without permanent residence. The laws pertaining to the acquisition of firearms in Switzerland are amongst the most liberal in the world.

Are crossbows legal in Sweden?

In Sweden, crossbows are considered equivalent to firearms, and possession requires a license. Hunting with crossbows is not allowed. Swedish law dictates that any weapon that stores its energy, i.e., weapons with a firing mechanism, that produces more than 10 J (90 in⋅lbf) at the muzzle are illegal without licence.

Is Sweden Safe?

Sweden is considered one of the safest countries in the world for both residents and tourists alike. In fact, most travelers don’t have to consider any safety issues in Sweden as long as they’re taking basic precautions and using common sense to avoid scammers, petty criminals, and thieves.

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