What is Stockholm University known for?

Stockholm University is one of Sweden’s pre-eminent centres for research within science, humanities and the social sciences.

Why is Stockholm University good?

Good University with a broad variety of fields to study. Its a big campus with a lot of students and a lot of things going on if you take the time to seek you own opportunities. There is a lot of space to study at, both quiet and with people talking.

What can you study in Stockholm University?

Below you will find all the subjects available at Stockholm University, sorted by area of interest.

  • Arts and Humanities.
  • Business and Economics.
  • Computer and Systems Sciences.
  • Human, Social and Political Sciences, and Law.
  • Language and Linguistics.
  • Media and Communications.
  • Science and Mathematics.
  • Teacher Training.

Is studying in Sweden worth it?

Higher education in Sweden is among the best in the world. The Nordic country has an excellent system, which places more emphasis on group and independent study rather than lectures. Freedom and responsibility are the key values that support the development of students.

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Is it hard to get into Stockholm University?

Stockholm University is one of the top 6 universities in Sweden that offer the highest acceptance rate for international students. Standing #4th in the list, SU has an average acceptance rate of 24%.

Does Stockholm University teach in English?

In addition to International Master’s programmes in English, Stockholm University provides a wide range of master’s level courses in English.

What language is spoken in Sweden?

Швеция/Официальные языки
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