What is the proper noun for Denmark?

A country in Western Europe consisting mainly of most of the Jutland Peninsula and a number of islands off its coast. Capital: Copenhagen (København). Official name: Kingdom of Denmark (Kongeriget Danmark).

What is a proper noun for country?

Proper Nouns

common noun proper noun
country, town England, London
company Ford, Sony
shop, restaurant Amazon, Subway
month, day of the week January, Sunday

What is the proper adjective for Denmark?

Proper Adjectives for Nationalities

Country Proper Adjective
Czech Republic Czech
Denmark Danish
Djibouti Djiboutian
Dominica Dominican

What is the proper noun of Europe?

Europe (proper noun)

What is the proper noun for Paris?

Paris (proper noun)

What are 20 proper nouns?

Here are 20 examples of proper noun in english;

  • Sydney.
  • Dr. Morgan.
  • Atlantic Ocean.
  • September.
  • Tom.
  • Argentina.
  • Mercedes.
  • Titanic.

What are 10 examples of proper noun?

10 examples of proper noun

  • Human noun: John, Carry, Todd, Jenica, Melissa etc.
  • Institution, establishment, institution, authority, university nouns: Saint John High School, Health Association, British Language Institute, Oxford University, New York Governorship etc.

Are nationalities proper nouns?

You should capitalize the names of countries, nationalities, and languages because they are proper nouns—English nouns that are always capitalized. … English is made up of many languages, including Latin, German, and French. My mother is British , and my father is Dutch .

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Are nationalities nouns or adjectives?

We can answer this question like this: ‘He comes from Italy ‘ or ‘He’s Italian’. Italy is the name of the country (and is a noun) while Italian is a nationality (and is an adjective). Nationality adjectives must always start with a capital letter – ‘Italian’, not ‘italian’.

Is Ghanaian a proper noun?

Ghana (proper noun) …

Is Batman a proper noun?

Batman is a proper noun; therefore, we capitalize the first letter of his name.

Is Egypt a proper noun?

Egypt is a proper noun – Word Type.

Is Batman a common noun?

Batman as a name is still a compound noun, just as it is when it is a common noun. Note that a batman in British English is an officer’s personal servant, and as such, is just a common noun, not capitalized, nor living in bat caves.

Is Oreo a proper noun?

Every noun can further be classified as common or proper. A proper noun has two distinctive features: 1) it will name a specific, one-of-a-kind item, and 2) it will begin with a capital letter no matter where it occurs in a sentence. … Oreo = proper noun; cookies = common noun.

What is the proper adjective of England?

Proper Adjectives from Place Names (countries, continents, regions, cities)

(place name) proper noun proper adjective
Britain British
China Chinese
Costa Rica Costa Rican
Himalayas Himalayan

Is France a proper noun?

The ‘French’ is the name of a specific group of people, so it is a proper noun and is always capitalized.