Your question: What are the war preparations in Denmark?

Denmark is preparing for possible war against Fortinbras of Norway. Horatio says, rumor has it the young Fortinbras is coming to Denmark to seek revenge for his father’s death and also to take back some land that they lost in battle. The guards try to discover why the ghost appears, but the ghost won’t talk to them.

Who is Denmark preparing for a war with?

Main events of the act 1:

Denmark is preparing for a war with Norway; Young prince Hamlet is unhappy with his mother hastily marrying Claudius; Ophelia is told by her father and brother not to fall in love with Hamlet; The ghost tells Hamlet that the king was murdered and asks him to take revenge.

Why are there such intense war preparations in Denmark?

There are intense war preparations in Denmark because of a subplot involving Young Fortinbras of Norway. His father, the king of Norway, was killed by Hamlet’s father, king of Denmark. Young Fortinbras, whose uncle has become king of Norway, is resolved to invade Denmark to avenge his father’s death.

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What explanation does Horatio offer for Denmark’s sudden readiness for war or invasion?

Horatio answers, saying that the Danish army is preparing for a possible invasion by Fortinbras, Prince of Norway. We learn that Fortinbras’ father (also named Fortinbras), was killed many years before in single combat with Old Hamlet, the now-deceased king whose ghost we have just seen.

Why is Denmark on high alert in Hamlet?

Denmark is now in a state of high alert and preparing for possible war with Young Fortinbras of Norway. … King Claudius fearing Young Fortinbras of Norway may invade, has sent ambassadors to Norway to urge the King of Norway to restrain Young Fortinbras. Young Hamlet distrusts King Claudius.

What Polonius tells Ophelia?

Polonius sternly echoes Laertes’ advice and forbids Ophelia to associate with Hamlet anymore. He tells her that Hamlet has deceived her in swearing his love and that she should see through his false vows and rebuff his affections. Ophelia pledges to obey.

Who is attempting to invade Denmark in Hamlet?

He’s devoted to Hamlet and is the one who tells him about his father’s ghost. He is new to the court at Denmark only recently have come with Hamlet after the death of his father. Prince of Norway who is attempting to invade Denmark. He wants revenge on Denmark because King Hamlet killed his father.

Why is Francisco and Bernardo Confused?

Bernardo calls wondering who is there, in which Francisco replies that Bernardo should tell him who he is first. There is confusion of who should be asking who the other is because both are equally ranked guards, and it would be Bernardo’s turn to be guarding the castle, and perhaps both are suspicious of the other.

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What do Claudius and Gertrude want Hamlet?

Claudius and Gertrude want Hamlet to stay in Elsinore instead of going back to the University in Wittenberg, and in response he said, forcibly,” i shall in all my best, obey you, madame”, and only responds to his mother.

Who are the guards at Elsinore who initially see the ghost?

The Ghost first appears to a duo of soldiers—Bernardo and Marcellus—and Hamlet’s friend, Horatio. The men draw their swords and stand in fear, requesting that Horatio, as a scholar, address the Ghost. Horatio asks the Ghost to speak, and reveal its secret.

What three 3 things does the ghost say he lost upon his death?

The ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius killed him. He poured poison into his ear when he was in the garden and he died. He also stole his wife Gertrude. He asks Hamlet to seek revenge and kill Claudius, but not to hurt Gertrude.

Why is Prince Fortinbras becoming aggressive?

Why is Prince Fortinbras being aggressive? He wants to prove himself and get some food/wealth.

What does Horatio and Marcellus tell about the ghost?

What are they? Horatio tells Hamlet that he saw the ghost of his father. He was dressed for battle and looked very sad.

What religion is Denmark in Hamlet?

Denmark was Catholic during the period in which Hamlet was set, and many writers think Shakespeare could “have been a Roman Catholic” (Jamieson n.d.).

Why is the Kingdom of Denmark on guard?

What Horatio is saying is that they are on watch for a possible invasion by the young, hot-headed and inexperienced prince Fortinbras, heir to the throne of Norway, who had put together a motley crew of mercenaries in order to reclaim, by violent means, property which had been fairly claimed by the now deceased King …

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Who Was Hamlet in love with?

Hamlet gets caught between his love for his father and his love for Ophelia. Ophelia’s love for Hamlet, Polonius, and Laertes is the source of her tragedy.