Your question: What is it really like living in Denmark?

Denmark is a safe and secure country with a very low crime rate. The Danes are relaxed, informal, and often ironic. … Most Danes also have a good command of English, so you can communicate easily even if you don’t speak Danish. The standard of living is high and the economy performs above the European average.

Is life really better in Denmark?

Great reasons to come to Denmark:

On a scale from 0 to 10, Danes gave their life satisfaction a 7.5 grade on average, which is higher than the OECD average of 6.5. Everyone benefits from a well-functioning welfare system, which provides free education and healthcare among other things.

Do Danish like foreigners?

Expats living in Denmark found Danes were less friendly to foreigners than in most of the countries surveyed. On average, 65 percent of expats around the world said their host country was composed of friendly people; only 49 percent of expats in Denmark could say the same.

Is it difficult to live in Denmark?

There are a few things everyone struggles with, like the administrative headaches of getting the right visa, the challenge of finding a place to live in popular cities, and the high Danish taxes that make it difficult to save money.

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Is Denmark a good place to live for expats?

An overwhelmingly high percentage of expats express that they enjoy life in Denmark (69% in 2010, 86% in 2014, 86% in 2020) and that they find Denmark a better place to live than their home country. However, they seem to have a hard time making local friends and they mostly socialize with other expats.

What are some bad things about Denmark?

List of the Cons of Living in Denmark

  • You will eventually need to learn the Danish language. …
  • The weather in Denmark is challenging. …
  • The winter months offer reduced sunshine levels. …
  • It can be lonely to start living in Denmark. …
  • You might not be able to afford some of the things that you need.

Why is Denmark so happy?

The report found that Nordic citizens are exceptionally satisfied with their lives because of reliable and extensive welfare benefits, low corruption, well-functioning democracy and state institutions and small population.

How do you offend someone from Denmark?

Cursing Abroad: Danish Insults To Round Out Your Studies

  1. Din mor — Everyone loves a good “yo mama” reference. …
  2. Du kan få en prut og pille i — Lit. …
  3. Kegle — The Danes have a word for “dork,” but it translates roughly to “bowling pin” or “skittle.” Taste the rainbow?

Why do foreigners leave Denmark when they want to stay?

Uncertainty, strict residency requirements and difficulty accessing the labour market are a few of the reasons why some foreign nationals have left Denmark.

Do Danes speak English?

Denmark has one official language: Danish. However, there are several minority languages spoken throughout the territory, if you include The Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Danes are taught English from a very young age and 86% of all Danes speak English as a second language.

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Is living in Denmark depressing?

The loss of the familiar world along with the overwhelming feeling of everything being new tends to be stressful. Expats go through many losses while relocating to Denmark, and this makes them prone to depression.

Can I move to Denmark without a job?

To stay in Denmark for longer than three months, you must meet the requirements for an EU residence certificate, which essentially means you need a job offer. The certificate gives you the ongoing right to live in Denmark for as long as the conditions by which you obtained the certificate remain valid.

Can you live in Denmark without speaking Danish?

You can work, live and study in Denmark without learning Danish. … There are companies who use English as their first language, and a few who will allow you to work in a Danish speaking office without Danish.

Does Denmark have free healthcare?

Denmark provides “free” health care to all residents, funded through taxes. There is an optional private health care sector, but it is tiny compared with the vastly larger public system that is used by most of the population. … The Danish health care system is not cheap.

Is life in Denmark expensive?

Denmark is an expensive country – but the standard of living is among the highest in the world. … A rough estimate of your overall monthly living costs in Denmark would amount to 750 – 900 EUR monthly. Living in Copenhagen is more expensive than in the smaller cities, and may go as high up as 1200 EUR/month.

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Is Denmark a socialist country?

Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.”